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    Suddenly, about week ago, Antispam Bee began miss spam. What happened? I used one more than 2.5 years and didn’t notice it earlier. What can I do to fix it? All appearance, only I have this problem…

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  • I have to confirm this behaviour as well. Since some weeks very obvious spam passes the bee. It’s not totally defunct, since other spam is detected occasionally. What has happened? The correlation to the new year seems obvious.


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    @msteidl, here you go, you demanded for a “hint whether you are working on this” directly from Torsten (pluginkollektive):

    I had implemented my custom patterns and have not more spam than before, just a few. As a “profi” you should know, that nothing will come of nothing 😉 Be active.

    @csigncsign I am not going to argue on that … I do have a clients side with 10000 spam comments with russion, chinese and other exotic text – how many patterns should I fix for that?

    Plus: Not everyone is able to programm custom patterns and I am not asking only for myself but for anyone who’s trusting on Antispam Bee so far. If it’s necessary to become a programmer to get Antispam Bee working correctly, I would stop to recommend Antispam Bee to my clients but rather look for alternatives.

    Guess someone from pluginkollektiv might respond at some time 🙂

    @msteidl Absolutely right! Comments with hundreds of links inside not recognized as spam! No need for “patterns”. The plugin ist just nor working!

    I agree with @msteidl, we are not talking of a specific type of spam, as Torsten illustrates on his article. And as @phihh signals, it looks obvious that the problem came with the new year…

    I think that if we all installed the plugin now for the first time, we would discard it and go for another one… But in my opinion it’s the best antispam plugin and worked for years, so I hope we get some official info

    Calm down guys, the devs are already working on it:

    Plugin Support Torsten Landsiedel


    Hi everyone! Thanks for posts. I’m really appreciating all your feedback and we hope to get this sorted out soon.

    You would really help us, if you can provide us with as many spam comments as possible through the mentioned form:

    If you have 10.000+ spam comments you can make a dump of it and provide us with a download link. This would help us enormously to test our new patterns or ideas to prevent this type of spam.

    ASB is not dead, the developing is still active and we take this serious.

    So please be patient and stay tuned as we try to get this solved.

    Thank you!

    All the best,

    I suspect this is because the new version of XRumer was just released.



    Hm.. Indeed all Spam comments feature and addresses.



    Same here, prolific spam.



    Just to underline the helplessness of ASB, this is a comment which passed the filter a couple of minutes ago without further notice awaiting standard moderation:

    This is so painful obvious spam that I wonder why ASB detects anything at all. What’s going on here and when is it going to be resolved?

    (I nevertheless reported it to the Report non detected spam Googledoc questionnaire.)


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    +1, same here – suddenly seeing spam passing through which is very obvious and thus *should* be easily detectable. Glad to hear that the pluginkollektiv is already working on fixing this, thanks!

    Plugin Support Torsten Landsiedel


    Without knowing your configuration I cannot say, why the spam passes *your* ASB. But you can still configure ASB to detect most of it.

    First: There are some great built-in tools with WP:
    -> Users must be registered and logged in to comment
    -> Automatically close comments on articles older than [X] days
    -> Hold a comment in the queue if it contains [X] or more links

    Here is a post about a good configuration of ASB (in German but I think the screenshots should be helpful. The first one is default and the second is my recommendation):

    If you need more, I wrote a post about custom patterns:

    And I’ve made a plugin with some more patterns, which will maybe never be built in ASB because there are not useful in an international context, but with these patterns my spam reduces to zero at the moment. If you are fine with my patterns, you can download the plugin directly from Github:
    (Description is in German, Englsih translation will follow…)

    Please share your spam with us via the mentioned form as this is the most helpful thing you can do. If we have more data, we can test our ideas and patterns against this data. And please always have in mind, that you can do what you want in your *own blog*, but if our patterns *for all users* are producing “false positives” this is not what we want. A pattern could be fine for Germans but is part of a common phrase in other languages. We need time to test and the 2.7 will be release asap.

    But as we are a bunch of volunteers I just can say: It is done, when it’s done. So please be patient and stay tuned! Thank you.



    Thanks for your feedback, Torsten,

    I’d like to add that in my configuration almost all tips and hints have been used already in the past. It’s WP’s disadvantage that the mentioned built-ins put suspicious comments to moderation instead of moving to the spam folder. However, I now also implemented the one measure new to me – extra patters via plugin hook – and I’m hoping for improvements.


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    Hi Torsten,

    Thanks very much for your info and all the hard work you guys are doing to update the plugin!

    I will look again at your tips for ASB settings.

    Is there a way to bluk-send you the spam you asked for?


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