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    Suddenly, about week ago, Antispam Bee began miss spam. What happened? I used one more than 2.5 years and didn’t notice it earlier. What can I do to fix it? All appearance, only I have this problem…

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    Plugin Contributor Torsten Landsiedel


    You can report non-detected spam to the plugin devs:

    All the best,

    Torsten, I realized the same on one of my own websites and certain client sites.

    On my own website, more than 1000 Spam Comments passed through within the last 7 days, on a clients website it had been even more than 10000 Spam Comments – we had to close down the comments due to that. It would be a hassle to report more than 1000 spam comments via the form you posted above 😉

    In certain Facebook Groups also people complain on Antispam Bee skipping massive spam comments since a couple of weeks.

    Maybe there’s some need for the plugin-authors to double check on the reason why so many spam comments pass the control of Antispam Bee?

    Hi, same issue here

    Hundrends of spam comments passing, starting around January 1st.

    Same issue, I reported a few of the spam comments through here Hope it helps.

    Same for me. Worked perfect during the years, now I receive spam big times.
    I will also report that to the developers – but are there any alternatives?

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    The same is happening on my website after using your plugin for years!

    Same here. I’ve got a huge amount of russion spam last days. Please fix the filters! Thanks!

    Same with all websites I created for my clients. They are all complaining 🙁

    The last time the plugin has been updated is 5 months ago. I expect new spam requires new filters!

    I confirm. Skips all spam in WordPress 4.7

    According to the dashboard widget, some spam is detected, but since over a week, I get quite some comments that go undetected and are clearly spam.
    (WP 4.7.1, latest ASB)

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    I cannot confirm this, define your custom patterns in Antispambee and it works fine (in my case). See Torsten’s post here: (english) or German:

    Same here. Since some weeks 1000s of spam comments from Russia coming through.

    @csigncsign: I do have two own websites, of which one shows more than 100 Spam Comments each day whereas the other one with 10times the traffic only slips one or two Spam Comments, which is okay although I’d rather not have it at all.

    I do also maintain more than 100 clients webpages of which so far only about 5 are affected by slipped spam comments, but some of them very massive (one is having more than 10000 spam comments since January 1st). So it appears that not all Websites using Antispam Bee are affected the same way.

    @plugininkollectiv I know you guys are doing a great job keeping the Plugins of Sergej Müller alive, but I wish you’d take this one serious. Throughout the web, there’s already rumour going on that Antispam Bee is dead and not being maintained at all. If that’s the case and you can’t fix these issues due to capacytiy or even cost reasons, it’d be great to get at least some official statement.

    Otherwise I’d appreciate some hint whether you are working on this and when to expect an update on Antispam Bee?


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