• Having unresolved issues with Webpushr, I was thinking of migrating to this plugin, but they no longer take new registrations.

    The plugin invites you to go to another provider, so they’ll probably end the service.

    Anyway, I gave it a try because I already had an account but never used it.

    I followed the instructions, but after installation, the invitation to subscribe to Notifications kept opening on every post, even though I’d already clicked on “Accept Notifications”.

    So it’s tiring for users who have to keep closing the window, and there’s no option to prevent the window from opening once users have accepted or not.

    So I quickly uninstalled it, but I’m disappointed because they had techniques that made it possible to fight against fake users, unlike Webpushr, where I have 35,000 subscribers but only an average of 350 clicks on articles, so a lot of fake users.

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