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  • Nobody can’t give me a solution? 🙁

    My site has been blocked again for the excessive CPU usage 🙁 – I need an urgent help, please!

    Conclusion: very useful plugin, but I can’t say it is great – because of the very high CPU usage and because of the awful support! 🙁

    Change your host

    Oh, really?!

    It is HostGator – can you recommend me a better host than this? I don’t think so! 🙂

    And with this high CPU usage, any host will block my site, not only HostGator! The same thing happened also before, when I has my site hosted at iPage – so it will be the same with any host!

    It is not about the hosting service, it as about the plugin’s CPU usage, that is extremely high!

    MovieMagia : I have same problem as you with Hostgator and they recommend me to remove WP SEO BY YOAST but I cant find and SEO plugin that better than this WP SEO BY YOAST. Did you figure out how to solve this problem?

    Hi you can always try bluehost, justhost, dreamhost…I am currently using this plugin in justhost without any issues.

    Kind regards


    Nether I didn’t found any SEO plugin better than this – so I moved my site to iPage hosting and now I don’t have any CPU usage problems; their allowed CPU usage is much bigger than at HostGator, it is 60s instead of 2s. Now I can use the Yoast SEO plugin without any problems, my account was never blocked since the transfer 🙂

    @moviemagia – as it seems that this issue has been resolved, can you please mark this thread as such? Thanks.

    No, I don’t think that this issue was solved. The plugin still has a very high CPU usage, and the only hosting company that accept this is iPage. What if I will want to move back my site to HostGator, or to an other hosting company? My account will be blocked over and over again, once at every few days, just like before!

    And because of these very often happening downtimes, Google stopped indexing my site and my site lost its almost all visits! Because of these very high CPU usage, I lost my visitors, my earnings, my good SERP positions, everything!

    So I am still waiting for this CPU usage issue to be solved…

    I use Bluehost, no problem, I am still using Yoast version 1.4.7, very stable for me at the moment, can’t afford time to debug if I upgrade so soon ….

    Was this a problem for you ever since (i.e. even with older versions), or with just the latest versions ?


    I just jumped in this topic…I was about to install this plugin…but I saw this issue called CPU usage…If anyone have time can pls explain what is CPU Usage…I have heard about the bandwidth usage when it comes to hosting…I am using Godaddy hosting..I could google it,, but thought we’ve some wordpress experts here 😉


    I don’t know about the older versions of the plugin, I used only this 1.4.7 latest version – this one caused me so much problems 🙁

    @moviemagia, you mean latest ver. 1.4.13 ?

    If you are using ver 1.4.7 and your hosting company is asking you to disable Yoast specifically, must be serious, better change hosting then …

    Hostgator seems to have a major problem with cpu usage and just shuts down the site. The yoast plugin is not very efficient, but shutting down the site is unacceptable. They shut me down on a site that saw little change but a seasonal spike in traffic (a church that had a huge spike before Easter)…and even though I fixed what they wanted within the hour it would take them 4-12 hours to re-evaluate.
    I’d have to recommend almost any other host over hostgator because of this.
    As for plugins you should be doing the thinking on seo, not the plugin, so you want one(s) that are going to put the metadata and other search engine related stuff (sitemaps, for example), but not one that gathers data and tells you what to do.

    A little more research… I am really angry with hostgator for shutting my site down….Yoast adds a lot more on his blog. .
    Also learned that hostgator and iPage and a host of what i thought were competitors are all owned by the same company, .

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