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[resolved] The plugin generated 174 characters of unexpected output (22 posts)

  1. nsfetcu
    Posted 1 year ago #


    I use this plugin for free downloads only, so the only setting is for a PayPal account. From time to time, an error appears in the header, telling that:

    * * @since 1.4 * @return object The one true Easy_Digital_Downloads Instance */ function EDD() { return Easy_Digital_Downloads::instance(); } // Get EDD Running EDD();

    The error remains even if I deactivate all the other plugins.

    If I deactivate the plugin, when I re-activate it I receive the following message:

    "The plugin generated 174 characters of unexpected output during activation. If you notice “headers already sent” messages, problems with syndication feeds or other issues, try deactivating or removing this plugin."

    Even if it is activated, when I have this error all the downloads disappear, as well as the link to the plugin in admin CP.

    When I update it for a newer version, the error disappears for a while, and it appears again.

    Right now I have this error, you can check it at http://www.teleactivities.com.

    Thank you for helping me,



  2. nsfetcu
    Posted 1 year ago #


    I have to add what I see now, that, as long as I have this error, I can no more upload files, when I try I receive the following message:

    * * @since 1.4 * @return object The one true Easy_Digital_Downloads Instance */ function EDD() { return Easy_Digital_Downloads::instance(); } // Get EDD Running EDD(); 5896

  3. Sounds like you have a conflict with another plugin. Could you please try deactivating your other plugins?

  4. nsfetcu
    Posted 1 year ago #

    As I said before, I deactivated all the plugins, and the error remains. Now I have re-activated it, but only after I checked this possibility.

    I have another website that had the same problem, but now that site is working fine after the last update of this plugin. For the moment, at least.

  5. nsfetcu
    Posted 1 year ago #


    Some minutes ago I deactivated the plugin in order to be able to work with images again. After I deactivated it, I see that wall my previous uploads of files was successful, but I was no more able to see the uploaded files due to the plugin. Now I am able to see it again and work with it. I will wait for a new update of the plugin because every time when I updated it I was able to work with it again without errors, at least for a while.

  6. What version of WordPress are you using?

  7. What version of WordPress are you using?

  8. nsfetcu
    Posted 1 year ago #

    Last version, 3.5.2

  9. Can you post your Downloads > System Info for me?

  10. nsfetcu
    Posted 1 year ago #

    Right after I re-activated it, I was no able to see the Downloads > System Info because, as I told you in my previous message, even if activated, I was not able to see the link in CP for Downloads plugin.

    But there was an update and, as I also told you, after an update I am able to work with the plugin for a while. I hope to be permanent this time. Now after the update, the System Info is:

    Multisite: No

    SITE_URL: http://www.teleactivities.com
    HOME_URL: http://www.teleactivities.com

    EDD Version: 1.7.2
    Upgraded From: 1.6.4
    WordPress Version: 3.5.2
    Permalink Structure: /%postname%/
    Active Theme: MH Magazine lite 1.5.4

    Test Mode Enabled: No
    Ajax Enabled: Yes
    Guest Checkout Enabled: Yes
    Symlinks Enabled: No

    Checkout is: Valid
    Checkout Page: http://www.teleactivities.com/checkout/
    Success Page: http://www.teleactivities.com/purchase-confirmation/
    Failure Page: http://www.teleactivities.com/checkout/transaction-failed/
    Downloads slug: /downloads

    Taxes Enabled: No
    Taxes After Discounts: No

    Registered Post Stati: publish, future, draft, pending, private, trash, auto-draft, inherit, refunded, failed, revoked, abandoned, active, inactive

    Platform: Windows
    Browser Name: Firefox
    Browser Version: 22.0
    User Agent String: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 5.1; rv:
    22.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/22.

    PHP Version: 5.2.17
    MySQL Version: 5.5.30-30.2
    Web Server Info: Apache

    PHP Safe Mode: No
    PHP Memory Limit: 256M
    PHP Upload Max Size: 64M
    PHP Post Max Size: 64M
    PHP Upload Max Filesize: 64M
    PHP Time Limit: 300
    PHP Max Input Vars: 1000

    WP_DEBUG: Disabled

    WP Table Prefix: Length: 3 Status: Acceptable

    Show On Front: posts
    Page On Front: (#0)
    Page For Posts: (#0)

    WP Remote Post: wp_remote_post() works

    Session: Disabled
    Session Name: PHPSESSID
    Cookie Path: /
    Save Path: /tmp
    Use Cookies: On
    Use Only Cookies: Off

    WordPress Memory Limit: 40MB
    FSOCKOPEN: Your server supports fsockopen.
    cURL: Your server supports cURL.
    SOAP Client: Your server has the SOAP Client enabled.
    SUHOSIN: Your server does not have SUHOSIN installed.



    Akismet: 2.5.8
    All In One SEO Pack: 2.0.2
    Collapsing Categories: 2.0.3
    Contact Form 7: 3.4.2
    Easy Digital Downloads: 1.7.2
    Google XML Sitemaps: 3.2.9
    Jetpack Lite: 2.1.2
    PHP Execution: 1.0.0
    Simple Share Buttons Adder: 3.1
    Subscribe2: 8.9.1
    Widget Logic: 0.56

  11. Ok let me know if the issue comes back.

  12. nsfetcu
    Posted 1 year ago #

    Back again, same error. The error appeared before the last update of WordPress core, so I did nothing to the site that would cause this error.

  13. Did the error only show on activation then go away?

  14. nsfetcu
    Posted 1 year ago #

    Yes, all the errors disappear when I deactivate the plugin. Now I have to deactivate it because I want to work with the site, but I will re-activate it if you want to see again the error, or when there will be a new update of the plugin.

    The strange thing is that I had same problem with another website but, after some updates of the plugin, that site gives no more errors. I will try to install it for another site on same host and same characteristics, to see what is happening.

  15. Ok let me know if you are able to test again. I'd love to work this out but have not yet been able to replicate it.

  16. nsfetcu
    Posted 1 year ago #

    I can test it at any time. The problem is that I cannot let the plugin activated as long as it gives me errors, because I am not able to work with images.

  17. nsfetcu
    Posted 1 year ago #

    There is no problem for me to let you login as admin, if you want to test it.

  18. I can only log into your site if you have Priority Support access through the easydigitaldownloads.com site. It's part of our support policy.

  19. nsfetcu
    Posted 1 year ago #

    You mean to pay for it. The feature, as well as the site itself, have little importance for me and do not deserve to pay for it. I understand that there is no free way to get support (and maybe to find and remove a bug).

  20. It's just our policy that if we are logging into your site, you have to be a paid customer.

    If I could replicate the issue, then I could track it down but I have so far been unable to recreate the issue on any site.

    I'd love to track it down though :D

  21. nsfetcu
    Posted 1 year ago #

    It's ok, I understand your policy. I will let you know when (if) I find the error in installation or settings (or the bug, if it is a bug).

    Anyway, it is a perfect plugin for my needs, so I installed it on many of my sites, thank you for it!

  22. I'm going to go ahead and mark this as resolved for now (for organization's sake). If you see it again or locate the bug, please feel free to reopen.

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