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    I use plugin to regenerate thumbnails, but nothing changes on the calatlog/ or product page slider

    How to force it to work? =)

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    Hi @olegpotapov,

    Thanks for reaching out. When you upload an image to WordPress, the software creates a few copies of the images in various dimensions. You can set the image dimensions under Settings -> Media or they can be set by the active theme.

    The Regenerate Thumbnails plugin can help ensure that all the images uploaded to your website have been converted into their respective dimensions. Or, if you decide to change the media image sizes, you can use this plugin to regenerate images in the new sizes.

    Can you give us some more information on what exactly you are trying to do? Which part of the plugin is not working? What steps have you taken till now? What is the result you expected? What is happening in reality?

    Once we have this information, I’ll be happy to guide you further.

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    Hi @gaurav984 !

    I imported CVS file with products to WooCommerce
    On this CVS file it was links for product images

    All images different sizes and file types (also .WEBP)
    To import .Webp files i installed app “WP Enable Webp” cause its not supported file format by default

    Than i puted sizes of images to WooCommerce via Costumizing
    Here is the screenshot: LINK


    After all these steps i found out that almost all thumbnails images are not correct shown on Catalog, Cart, Wishlist, Product Page Gallery Slider etc.

    It is shoould be that images goes to the “box” of thumnaild to make one size for all product previe images. But now it is just cropped and very blured, no more

    Than i installed the app “Regenerate Thumbnails”.
    I regenerated all thumbnails both ways but it didnt change something
    Screenshot here: LINK

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    Plugin Support Gaurav (a11n)


    Hi again,

    Thanks for getting back to us and sending in the details of the issue.

    WordPress has built-in support for the WebP image format; since v5.8 you do not need to install additional plugins for this.

    I tried to recreate the issue as you described on my test website. The plugin could resize all the images, including WebP, to the correct dimensions. The setup I used for the test website is.

    • WordPress v5.9
    • WooCommerce v6.1.1
    • Regenerate Thumbnails v3.1.5
    • Theme: Storefront v3.9.1

    To debug the issue further, can you give us some more information on the plugin and themes installed on your site. Specifically the version of WordPress & WooCommerce.

    Also, please try running the following tests and let us know how it goes.

    Create a clone/staging version of the live website for running these tests. Many hosts provide a staging service, where you can do testing without affecting the live site. You can ask your host about this. If they don’t give you a staging site, you could try WP Staging or Duplicator:


    Temporarily deactivate all the site’s plugins except for Jetpack and clear your browser’s cache. Then try regenerating the images again. If the cropped images shop up properly, then we’ll know that another plugin is conflicting here. You can re-enable your plugins one by one, trying regenerating the images in between, until you find the one causing the conflict. You can leave it disabled or reach out to the plugin developer for a fix.

    If disabling plugins doesn’t help, it may be the theme. Temporarily switch your theme to a WordPress default theme like Twenty Twenty-One or Storefront Then try regenerating the images again. If the cropped images shop up properly, then you know it’s a problem with the theme, and you can reach out to the theme developer for a fix.

    Please let me know how it went and whether I can assist further.

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