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  • Resolved Duffy Bear


    I am able to

    Successfully installed the plugin WP Resized Image Quality 2.1.

    However, when I click on ‘Activate Plugin’ I get the following error:

    ‘The plugin does not have a valid header.’

    But then when I go to the plugin page and click ‘Activate Plugin’ it works. I see the slider in the Media Settings.

    Will the Plugin work ok?


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  • Plugin Author Mike Bijon


    Duffy Bear, the plugin does work correctly on all the systems I’ve tested it on. If it shows as active then it should be running. A quick test is to reduce image quality to 0 and then upload 1 image — if it’s really pixelated then the plugin is working correctly (just remember to set the quality back to where you want it afterward).

    But there’s a new plugin code-filter in SVN that could have had an impact:

    There’s also a chance your server has a very different configuration and I managed to tweak it with an invalid character. Do you happen to know what operating system and/or web host you’re running WordPress on? I can try to find something close to test on if you have that info.

    Hi Mike – I moved the slider to 0, but when I click save, it moves to 3. Then the top bar under Media settings shows a slim vertical red line. The only thing in the white space after that is the number ‘1’.

    I uploaded a photo and it was perfect.

    My server is on Hostgator.

    My server is running PHP Version 5.3.27

    Thanks for your help.

    Plugin Author Mike Bijon


    Thanks for the info. That’s not happening on my basic server (a Media Temple shared system) so it’s either die to the fresh install or the specific server config.

    I’ll get info on HostGator’s setup tomorrow and give a fix a try.

    Will post back here with ZIPs of a test version, if you don’t mind.

    Plugin Author Mike Bijon


    Duffy Bear,
    Do you mind testing a new version of this RIQ plugin for me? I have a new version on Github,

    To Test:
    * Deactivate & then delete the current plugin
    * Download that ZIP and put the ‘WP-Resized-Image-Quality-invalid_header_wporg’ folder into your server’s /wp-content/plugins/ folder
    * Rename that folder to the same as the production plugin: “wp-resized-image-quality”
    * Activate this new version of RIQ from the Plugin screen in wp-admin

    Anything to report, good or bad?

    1. – This fixes the ability to set a compression level of ‘0’
    2. – I wasn’t able to reproduce the “Invalid Header” error. That could be a conflict between my plugin and another one … or we could get lucky & see it fixed by this version.

    Plugin Author Mike Bijon


    @duffy Bear,
    I wasn’t able to reproduce the “plugin doesn’t have a valid header” error, but I did fix the one that happens when the compression-quality is set to 0.

    I also cleaned-up the SVN tree & changed the encoding of some files (UTF8 instead of Latin/ASCI) … so maybe those will fix something.

    The ZIP I linked above is now released as plugin v2.1.1. You can update through wp-admin or download a ZIP from

    Thanks Mike, Your update v2.1.1 – works!!!

    Great Plugin!


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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