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  • The plugin inserted a meta refresh warning message in the database – and deleting and / or disabling the plugin does NOT delete the warning message, which results in the wp-admin of my website being completely unusable.

    Since I don’t have phpmyadmin (vps, won’t install it for security reasons) – how can I manually delete this warning message and the meta refresh from an sql dump, which I could then re-upload into the database? Is there a plugin which would remove the warning from the database?

    Who is supporting the plugin from Cloudflare?

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    This is the error message shown now. I can’t find the strings in the DB nor the Files of my website. Where does that come from?

    I have exactly the same message since 1 hour. I didn’t instaled cloudflare plugin. :-/

    Do you have a file called “.maintenance” in your root web folder?
    (eg /public_html/.maintenance )

    Delete this file. This isn’t a cloudflare bug, this is wordpress when it fails to install a plugin properly.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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