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  • Plugin Author rodrigopolo


    If the player doesn’t show download the SWF files and put them on the plugin directory.
          |-- player.swf
          |-- yt.swf
          +-- plugins
          |   |-- captions.swf
          |   |-- gapro.swf
          |   |-- hd.swf
          |   |-- ltas.swf
          |   |-- qualitymonitor.swf
          |   +-- sharing.swf
          +-- skins
    	  |-- dangdang.swf
    	  |-- imeo.swf

    Resolved for now, but maybe it’s better to find a way more permanent to include these files into plugin folder.
    Thank you!

    Plugin Author rodrigopolo


    Is a licensing issue, WordPress does not want anything other than GPL and I do not want to waste my bandwidth hosting those files, once the files are in your hosting, any other upgrade will not affect neither delete them.

    For me the player does not show at all.
    I have downloaded the file and placed it’s contents in the correct directory. The directory now looks identical to the diagram on this page.

    I have disabled the plugin and re-enabled to no avail.

    Using apache2 on ubuntu server viewed with IE 8 Windows XP SP3.

    When viewing html source I see the tags produced by the player.

    Only customization is the flv videos are on the same server in a directory outside WP.

    Videos were working before we installed the latest stream video player upgrade.

    Since the site also contains personal information I cannot post a public link to it.

    In my case it only shows like “(video)” like in search page.
    But it looks like this on full post page!

    Plugin Author rodrigopolo


    this happens when your theme does’t use “the_exerpt” and “the_conent” functions correctly, it only shows “(video)” for “the_excerpt” because this functions is designed to show only plain-text content.

    I’ve got two different websites, both running the same version of WordPress, both with exactly the same pages but hosted on different servers. On both pages the player tags show up, including the URLs of the videos, the swf files etc.
    The problem is that on one page the player works perfectly (, but the second domain on the other hand doesn’t work. This domain is hosted on a so called ‘WordPress-account’ from (see live version at
    The crossdomain.xml-file is in the right place, all of the swf-files are present and I doubt that the theme is the problem.
    I also wasn’t able to select a file from the media library from the stream-plugin (wysiwyg-editor)

    Could you please tell me what the problem could be? Thank you!

    Hi rodrigopolo,

    I have been using your plugin and had a problem moving from 1.3.0 (no changes to my theme or other plugins/versions) where player/videos that worked previously no longer display but the audio works…

    any thoughts?

    (I upgraded the plugin when a message appeared in place of the player indicating an upgrade was required)



    I’m having the issues as lucasvdb – my video has dissapeared but sound is playing. I haven’t changed anything except upgrade Streaming Video Player… note: everything was working perfectly before…

    BTW I already have the SWF files in the plugins directory. I’ve even deleted and reinstalled the plugin – still only getting audio…

    You can see what I’m talking about here:

    BTW – the sound isn’t playing like I mentioned in my prior post because I removed the autostart, but when I have autostart activated it only plays sound and no video

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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