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    I apologize. I mean the insuredlifeofgeorgia website.

    Sorry for the confusion.


    I can’t see any footer images in Firefox….

    That’s interesting. Because I can see the bottom menu images (footer) in Firefox, but not on Internet Explorer. Which edition of Firefox are you using?

    Can someone please help me solve this problem?

    Firefox 3.6.13

    I got the same edition too, and I still see the images on Firefox. What about Internet Explorer?

    Ok. How can we solve this problem? Because I attempted to reload my theme and it still shows the same thing.

    Broken images in IE8. Looks like all of your image srcs are incorrect. They’re just pointing to pages from what I can see.

    Esmi is correct. Right now your images are pointing to pages rather than an image file.

    For the first, the img src is pointing to the about us page. You would need to put a fully-qualified url in here that links to your image:

    <li><a title="Insured Life of Georgia &mdash; About us" rel="me" href="/aboutus" class="mainlevel-bottom"><span><img title="Insured Life of Georgia &mdash; About us" alt="About Us" src=""></span></a></li>

    Right now, the image src only reads:

    It appears correct in Firefox because it’s loading the alt text assigned to the image, not the actual image itself.

    Thank you guys for your help. Where should I look at the backend b/c it’s in php? Do I need to find it and place it in HTML or PHP?

    It’s in your theme’s footer.php file from what I can tell.

    Ok, and I checked it. You are absolutely right. A week ago it did display the images, but when a SEO specialist went into the site a few days ago, that’s when I noticed the broken images.

    The footer.php has not been touched or changed by the SEO specialist. Are there any other suggestions with this situation?

    Without paying someone to do it, the next best bet would be to paste the code here for us to take a look at.

    Put code in between backticks.

    Ok, here is the code from the footer:

    [Code moderated as per the Forum Rules. Please use the pastebin]

    That’s how it looks like on the section where the broken images are located. Thanks!

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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