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  • Hello,

    Is there somebody to make support of this extension ?

    Plugin Author sunshinephotocart


    This is a paid feature, if you have paid for it then you need to submit this question via Support for paid add-ons is not allowed in these forums as per forum rules (not my rules).


    I have bought the Sunshine Photo Cart (all the solution) one year and one month ago.

    I have already submit a support ticket for this add-on I have already paid but it will stay as it is as it has been answered to my support request…

    I have been very disappointed by this so I do not have renewed the licences and look for another solution.


    Hi Derek,
    I also found problems with using your package version and as I wrote to you via a ticket, I absolutely have to solve now that sales increase. We had to use the packages without using the complicated system to add to the cart through your additional plugin but each time they place an order they never add the right number of photos related to the package chosen in the cart. In practice, the order is processed because we do not limit the user to add an exact number corresponding to the package in the cart, add the package of 5 photos and then have to add 5 photos to part but without your plugin sometimes they put 4 other times 8. In short, you need support otherwise managing every order becomes very complicated and using your plugin packages is just as impossible.

    Ciao Derek,
    anche io ho riscontrato problemi ad utilizzare la tua versione dei pacchetti e come ti ho scritto via ticket devo assolutamente risolvere ora che le vendite aumentano. Abbiamo dovuto utilizzare i pacchetti senza usare il complicato sistema di aggiunta al carrello tramite il tuo plugin aggiuntivo ma ogni volta che fanno un ordine non aggiungono mai il numero giusto di foto relative al pacchetto scelto nel carrello. In pratica l’ordine viene processato perché non limitiamo l’utente ad aggiungere un numero esatto corrispondente al pacchetto nel carrello, aggiungono il pacchetto di 5 foto e poi devono aggiungere a parte 5 foto ma senza il tuo plugin a volte ne mettono 4 altre volte 8. Insomma serve supporto altrimenti gestire ogni ordine diventa complicatissimo e usare il tuo plugin pacchetti è altrettanto impossibile.

    Hello and thank’s @michelepelosi for your contribution,

    I still use Sunshine Photo Cart but without any licence.

    As I do not have already switched to another e-commerce solution, I am able to renew the licence if the packet buying process is updated / optimized to be easy to use by my customers.



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