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  • Please post a link to your site.

    Hello Chris, this is my site
    I use GC Testimonials widget in the left sidebar at landing page and it will goes to the testimonial page when you click “Read More Testimonials ยป”.
    It used to be animated for the widget and when goes to the testimonial page the pagination didn’t work.

    Could you help me?


    Are you working on the site right now? I see the testimonials in the left sidebar are cycling as expected. And the link to “Read more” goes nowhere.

    Hello Chris, thanks for the quick response.

    Yes I am working on the site right now. “Read more” is working.

    Anyway,What kind of browser are you using?

    I use Google Chrome as my default browser, since you said that it was working, I tried to use other browsers, and this is the result:

    1. The pagination and cycling is working with Internet Explorer and Baidu Spark but it does not working with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

    2. But even the cycling is working, it just showing the two latest post (actually there are 26 testimonial)

    Is that the same with you?

    Thank you.

    Hello Chris,

    I just log-in to my back-end admin and.. The “GC Testimonial” menu suddenly disappeared from my dashboard.
    Actually, I used 3 kind of testimonial plug-in which are: GC Testimonial, Lumia Testimonial, and Testimonial.
    Because there are 3 kind of testimonial. I like GC Testimonial the most, at the first I think I could use just GC Testimonial with different categories, but when I tried to use it twice in widget, my landing page became untidy.

    I was wondering why that happen?

    Thanks in advance….

    Helping you sort out three different testimonial plugins is beyond the scope of this forum. You have a lot of moving parts there and that makes troubleshooting difficult, if not impossible, from afar.

    jQuery effects that work in some browsers and do not work in others often means JavaScript errors. Learn how to check for those errors and which plugin they originate from. Then consider deactivating that plugin.

    Handle “untidy” in your theme. If a particular plugin is causing layout problems, find the conflict, then fix or override the offending CSS.

    In short, isolate each problem and fix them one at at time.

    Hello Chris, Thank you for your fast response and the answer.

    Now I know what you’ve mentioned before that the testimonial links goes nowhere, I’ve fixed it. Actually it still goes to localhost.

    But that is different plug-in. I use GC Testimonial plug-in for “Training & Couching” and it is not cycling in some browser that I’ve mentioned before. And the pagination is not functional too, if you don’t mind to click the “Read more”.

    Actually I still can’t fix it yet, and yesterday the GC-Testimonial admin suddenly disappeared from my back-end dashboard, so I can’t customized and adding more testimonial again.

    I was wondering why that happen?

    There are two JavaScript errors that prevent subsequent scripts from executing, including the jQuery cycle plugin used by GC Testimonials.



    Here is a screenshot of the errors.

    I know this because I copied that page, scripts and all, to my computer, deleted the offending scripts, and the widget cycled as expected.

    Regarding the GC Testimonial admin menu disappearing, it may be a conflict caused by another testimonial plugin also trying to add an admin menu labeled “Testimonials”. Try deactivating the other testimonial plugins to see if the GC Testimonials admin menu re-appears.

    Hello Chris, thanks you are really helpful.

    You are correct regarding the GC Testimonial admin menu disappearing, I’ve tried to deactivated the other testimonial plugins, and then the GC Testimonials admin menu reappears.

    About the offending scripts, which part should I delete and which script?
    Should I delete those two scripts that you gave the links? I apologize because I’m just a beginner..

    Thanks a bunch.

    I respect your persistence as we work this out. You are asking “what to do” question but sometimes all I can offer are “how to do it” answers, especially with complex problems like this one.

    Deleting the scripts helped in troubleshooting but is not a long-term solution.

    The first error I listed earlier was in another testimonial plugin. I suggest using that plugin’s support forum for assistance.

    The second error is from the theme. That appears to be a premium theme. If so, I suggest contacting the theme author for support.

    With both, mentioning this thread will speed up their troubleshooting. And you will likely have to reactivate any plugins you deactivated so they can see the errors live.

    Alternatively, I would be happy to try to fix the errors directly but I would need temporary admin access to your site. Any code changes would mean you now have a custom version of the plugin or theme that you (and I) are now responsible for. I support my code for life. If that is appealing, contact me at

    Dear Chris, thank you that you’re still responding my question.
    I apologize for my late response, kind a crowded in here.

    I will try your suggestion. For the alternative solution, what kind of authorization do you need? I mean like Editor, Subscriber, or else?

    BTW I already subscribe to your website.

    Thank you.

    No worries, kinda crowded in here too ๐Ÿ™‚

    I would need administrator access in order to edit PHP or JavaScript files. I understand if you’re not comfortable with that. Another option that doesn’t require admininstrator access involves duplicating your site as much as possible on my computer, fixing the problems, then sending you the code changes.

    By the way, if I am able to fix anything in that other plugin or the theme, I will share those fixes with the authors and if they are satisfied they may include them in their next release.

    @chris Dillon

    I have an issue that pagination not work for me in testimonials.I am using clean-testimonials plugin.Here is the link to my problem
    Please go to this link and the go to Reviews tab.there are two testimonials and paginate links (1 2 Next).page 1 is selected currently and when you will click to 2 or Next it will redirect to the same page rather to go

    please help for this issue.


    I read your original support request on the Clean Testimonials support forum. Luke has tried to help you but perhaps you are not communicating clearly nor providing proper answers to his questions.

    I humbly yet strongly suggest that you continue seeking support from Luke as he is the plugin author.

    For me to help in this case, I would need a temporary admin login to your site. This would prevent multiple rounds of back-and-forth questions. If you want to do that, please contact me here.


    @chris Dillon

    Thank you very much for your response.
    I have shared login info with you on contact
    please look at this issue.

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