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  • Hello

    I am very new to wordpress and Ftp(Filezilla)
    and therefore I am having problems geting
    the wordpress page on my webpage, so I can log on.

    I have read the famous 5min install and get myself be guided my friendly people on youtube “wordpres installation” pages.

    I have uploaded the wordpress files to my webpage in Filezilla,
    but no matter what I do I just get the message,
    “The page cannot be found”

    No idea what I am doing right or wrong?

    When uploading there are only green messages, no red ones.
    I can only drag and drop the files to my webpage name, not a level higher then that. The first / does not have a name. The following folders are my webpage and a directory called private.

    I don’t know what to do and ask for help.

    If you need more info please just ask and I will answer best I can.

    Thank you
    Roberto B

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  • I have tried writing,
    and I still get the same message.

    My webpage is called

    I think mayby my settings are wrong or that I am droping the files the wrong place.

    Is there a difference in choosing windows or Linux hosting?
    I am running win XP. I ask because if I change to linux there is
    a automatic one click wordpress installation service.

    Thank you
    Roberto B

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