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  1. engineerofsuccess
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    In that section, where it asks for the domain name you want to use for your blog (s) homepage (if you want it to be different that the default URL that is already there), I was playing with it & accidentally typed in another domain name in that section where it says "Blog URL" . Now, where I typed the other domain name by accident...the blog is now forwarded to the domain name I entered , thus NOT allowing me to go back to the original blog (s) URL address in the wp-login section and sign in, so I can change the blog (s) URL address back to the default one. Is there anyone that can help with this please? I am stuck on stupid with this 1 ....

    If you happen to know the solution, please e-mail me at EngineerofSuccess@gmail.com . I may be able to potentially barter services with you for your kind assistance in thanks for helping me. I'm also on MySpace @ :


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  3. whooami
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    or use my script, if databases intimidate you ..


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