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    How to Change size of editor in WP 3.5

    The size of the editor is small and I wanted to change that. In the previous version I went to writing and on the top there was an option to change “size of post box”

    This seems to be missing in WP 3.5.

    Can someone advise me how to change the size?



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  • Hi ebizdame,

    In the post-editing screen, if you switch from the Visual tab to the Text tab, and you look down in the right-hand corner of the editor box, you should see a small triangle that you can drag down-ward to increase the height of your editor box. Once you’ve adjusted the height, WordPress will remember your setting.

    Hi Drew,

    I tried that. Unfortunately, it does not remember. The box is really small. Funny that this happened because I am seeing it in the previous version as well. And I have not seen it this earlier today when I was creating my pages.

    When I move the triangles it enlarges the box but when I go to visual it reverts back to about 7 lines. There is nothing I can do with this.

    Real mystery. I tried a different theme as well and I am encountering the same problem.

    I have tried to upload a picture and can hardly see anything.

    Hope you have suggestions. I am completely stumped.



    I also face the same problem… I can’t work with a tiny editor. I used a larger editor for several years!

    Hi TechHamlet,

    I still have the problem but I was able to overcome it. Drew suggested to go into the text editor and adjust the height there. It did not work.

    I noticed late last night that you can actually adjust it in the visual editor. In the very right hand of the box, (not the scroll bar)just the same as if you were expanding an image, pull on it (press the click button and don’t release). Essentially you are dragging it to become larger.

    I saved it, left the page and it still was preserved. It seems to preserve your enlarged option also for other posts/pages.

    Hope this helps


    Hi everyone,

    Thanks to Drew for posting a response on “Edit Box Size”.

    Am a huge supporter of WordPress on hosted (leased) Linux server sites. Do a fair amount of tech support for friends. Most times since version 2.x.x I just look at (read) the code, the changes, security issues, and typically upgrade.

    The work-around as Drew described worked for me as a fix in Text (formerly HTML) Mode. It also works in Visual Mode as Ebixdame (Dita) described. Both also apply to new posts (for each author who applies the fix) that are created afterwards.

    However, we have dozens of installations and many of our reporters are not tech savvy. Since WormholeRiders (WHR) runs over 30 WP news sites, and based on the number of other challenges described, we are going to hold off moving from version 3.4.2 for a bit.

    Keep up the great work WordPress Team! Thank you!

    Best Regards,



    I think I got it backwards. I rarely use the Visual editor 🙂

    Thanks for the info, but the resize – then save doesn’t work for me in either visual or text mode.

    I’m not sure why such a popular option as modifying the size in the “writing” settings would be removed from the admin. Seems like there are alot of small things eliminated during updates that cause people to waste time searching for solutions that shouldn’t exist.

    If there is a way to modify one of the core files to set the post box to my prefered size, I’d be very thankful to know about it.


    Thanks for the workaround and it does work in visual editor, have not tried HTML view. I have to say this is probably a better way to re-size the window as you can now visually see how big you want it to be. I have to say though that I have noticed a number of other things in this update that have had me scratching my head to wonder why?

    Hi all, just wanted to FYI you that there seem to be 2 different threads on this same issue:

    As said in both places, I hope this is a bug! It seems to stick for some peeps, but even if it doesn’t, what a pain to have to resize it 50 times a day when there used to be a setting.

    I’m with Wormholeriders – I’ve unfortunately already upgraded some sites to 3.5, but the ones I haven’t I think I’ll keep at 3.4.2. The new media tool is sexy, yes, but I think the size of post box is really important. Or maybe I’m just being bratty over a deprecated feature I liked. IDK…

    While I *hope* it’s a bug, it’s been that way on for several months now, so I fear it may be intentional.

    I have the same issue, except that my editor window is HUGE – many pages long. And resizing it does not “stick.” Even after saving a post, the editor springs back to the HUGE size.




    The Post Editor on WP 3.5 automatically expands to the full length of the post. Dragging the triangle control in the bottom right corner of the editor pane to make it shorter isn’t remembered in both Visual and Text mode. A real annoyance!

    (Please see also the similar topic: “Number of Lines in Post Box”:
    It could likely be a WP 3.5. compatibility issue with Internet Explorer. Trying other browser could help!



    I’ve tried the latest versions of Chrome and FireFox on Win7. No joy.

    Wonder if there’s a database parameter that can be manually set via PhpMyAdmin?



    I confirmed this is a bug in WordPress 3.5 that was found during development and the developers thought the bug was fixed. I ran a test while watching the wp_usermeta -> wp_user-settings -> ed_size= value in PhpMyAdmin and viewing the cookie wp-settings-58, Content: ed_size.

    In brief, the ed_size field sets the post box editor height in pixels and the value is saved in a browser cookie. ed_size was being set to 33339999997615814 pixels, the actual value will vary somewhat. Setting the value to something reasonable like 600 pixels in PhpMyAdmin won’t survive a post update.

    Ticket #22708
    Post edit page may become almost unusable and textarea cannot be resized

    I updated the ticket with the test sequence, database and cookie values.

    We’ll have to wait for a WP 3.5 patch.



    Ticket #22708 has patch files issued:
    * wp-admin/js/post.js (4 diffs)
    * wp-includes/class-wp-editor.php (1 diff)

    with a follow-up change here:
    * wp-includes/class-wp-editor.php (1 diff)

    The patches perform an sanity check on the ed_size value and sets the post editor to 5000 pixels high if ed_size > 5000. That’s almost 5 screens high on my 1920w x 1080h monitor resolution and very annoying.

    I installed the new files on my WP 3.5 staging environment and tested with FireFox and Chrome. The editor size bug remains and the post editor is continually reset to 5000 pixels. My workaround was to change the ed_size code from 5000 to 500 pixels in the above source code files. If you decide to make changes on your server, make copies of the original .js and .php files and be careful! e.g.
    a. copy post.js to post.js_original
    b. upload the patched post.js
    c. do the same for class-wp-editor.php
    CPanel -> FileManager is very convenient here. This assumes your hosting WordPress on your own server and won’t work if your site is on

    I opened a new bug ticket because the underlying ed_size bug isn’t fixed.

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