• Installed the plugin on 2 different sites on different servers, managed to connect to the respective Cloudinary account (different accounts) but the service never worked and the files never got optimized.

    Asked for support and after one email got radio silence. I would never trust my business to a faulty service like this

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  • Plugin Support Aleksandar@Cloudinary


    Hi @zaratustra27,

    Thanks for your message and sorry to hear about the issues you’ve encountered. I’ve tried to find any relevant messages in our ticketing system based on your username here or terms relating to the issue you’re reporting, but nothing concrete came about.

    May I please ask you to share details about the email you’ve sent to support? For example, do you have the specific ticket number, which email address did you send the email from, the Subject line, your cloud name or any specific details in your message we can use as a filter to try and find that on our side? Also, what was the recipient address you sent the email to, was it support@cloudinary.com?

    If we can find that original thread on our side then I’ll take a look at the status and also to understand more about the underlying issue so that we can help to resolve it. If we don’t find that then I’d be happy to continue this thread and work on the issues you’re encountering.


Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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