• Absolutely horrible. This is the fourth time I have tried to install this plugin and it works for a few days, then it breaks your site. Every. Single. Time.

    Save yourself the trouble. DO NOT INSTALL!

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  • Plugin Author Kristi at Klarna


    Hi @hautecreations ,

    We’re available and happy to support to help resolve any issues you’re having. Direct support is also available at support@krokedil.com.

    Can you share log files with errors that occur when your site is broken?

    As listed at https://woocommerce.com/products/klarna-payments/, we have over 30K+ active installations. The plugin can and does work well for many stores, and we’d love to help it getting working well for your store too!

    Thread Starter Royah Marie


    @klarna I logged into my computer yesterday only to see that my site had a “critical error” and by your logs, I see that you are aware of it. The developers might do well to test the plugin with the most current version of WordPress frequently. That feels like it’s warning number one on the plugin homepage. There is no way I am going to re-activate a plugin to HOPE that support fixes it immediately the next time my site breaks. Time is literally money and sadly for me, I’m sure my small business is not at the top of the response priority.

    From your logs:

    2023.08.31 – version 3.2.1

    • Fix – Fix fatal error due to subscriptions class not available.

    What is the most frustrating about this is that (I am not kidding) this is the fourth time I decided to activate the plugin and shortly thereafter, my site breaks.

    I cannot provide you with the logs because fortunately for me, I was able to restore my site to the time prior to the Klarna Payments auto-update and disabled the plugin.

    When will this plugin be tested with the most current version of WordPress? When I at least see that it is compatible, I will install it and most certainly disable auto-updates.

    I am not trying to sound mean, and I hope you are not taking it personal. Please try to understand that as a small business I do everything for my business and having to troubleshoot why my website goes down out of seemingly nowhere, overnight, when you did nothing to it, is not only incredibly frustrating but also a huge waste of time that can be spent elsewhere.

    While you have 30,000+active installations, what people have to say about this plugin’s functionality is less than favorable. I’m clearly not the first to complain about the plugin breaking a website.

    Plugin Author Kristi at Klarna


    We understand your frustrations due to version 3.2.0 having a breaking error (and previous errors that have also impacted your store). The issue with version 3.2.0 was fixed within a few hours of the release, as quickly as possible once the issue was reported. Each release, with corresponding timestamp, is posted at: https://github.com/krokedil/klarna-payments-for-woocommerce/releases

    We have both automated and manual testing to try to avoid errors like this one, but unfortunately, mistakes do still happen. We’ll continue to review to improve our processes and testing to hopefully avoid errors like this in the future, particularly focusing on testing with the current WordPress version (https://wordpress.org/news/category/releases/), and accordingly update the WP tested version for the plugin (https://github.com/krokedil/klarna-payments-for-woocommerce/blob/fba69b43acba01180f84bc977d70f97db131e657/readme.txt#L6C1-L6C20).

    Thread Starter Royah Marie


    I appreciate your attention and responses. I will bookmark these pages and check them a day or two after the plugin update is deployed to make sure it’s not going to break anything before I update mine. I will come back and update my review after my experience with the plugins (this and the order management one) improves.

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