• If you are looking for a serious booking system, this is it.

    It is not trivial to get to grips with, but there is absolutely nothing else in the WordPress ecosystem that comes anywhere close to this … and, trust me, I have spent years looking, waiting and hoping.

    If you can handle the learning curve and if you can understand that Jomres is an application every bit as hefty as WordPress itself, with its own ecosystem of plugins and themes, you will find Jomres terrific.

    If, on the other hand, you are not sure whether you have the time or the technical confidence to handle an application this big, try a few of the more light-weight booking plugins first – you may find that one of them meets your needs, at the very least it will give you a good idea of why a proper booking plugin needs to be complicated. If you are providing booking websites on a professional basis, however, and need a reliable product in your toolbelt for year to come, invest your time here.

    Rather unfairly, two of the four reviewers so far have given one star reviews, apparently because they misunderstood what Jomres is. One obviously tried to run WordPress and Jomres together on cheap, shared hosting. Remember, a booking engine is highly resource intensive, it has to constantly pull so much information from its database, there is no way around that if you want a proper, fully-featured system, but it should not be an issue if you or your client are selling bookings – the task you are asking Jomres to do justifies getting at least a VPS, and the price of those has plummeted over the past few years anyway.

    The other one-star wonder seemed upset that, although Jomres provides great basic functionality for free, it is possible to augment that with premium plugins that provide more advanced features. Again, it is important to understand that this is not just some quick plugin that someone hacked together in their spare time between classes, this is a bridge between WordPress and another, equally hefty application that has been a full-time job for the author for a decade and another programmer for the past couple of years, only a paid business could sustain that level of effort.

    Real work and sustained commitment has gone into Jomres. Making the core version free and completely Open Source is a notable act of idealism on the part of the author, there is nothing to stop anyone from sitting down and writing their own plugins for Jomres if they feel that his paid plugins are too expensive.

    What keeps the whole show on the road, however, is that, for people who actually need the advanced features, having to pay the reasonable price charged is the least of our worries, we are just delighted that the product exists and that a real company stands behind it … because we will hopefully make a good living for years to come by delivering, to our clients, what only Jomres can provide.

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