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    Hello !

    First things first, HUGE CONGRATULATIONS for the 3.8 update. I’ve become a grumpy Sabin since late 2012, not liking very much the changes. Well, WP38 blew my grim mood away, it is beautiful, lively (I’ll confess, I adopted the pinkish admin color layout as a lost bet, but now I love it, the colors are lovely – and yet I’m a man -) and everything is well contrasted, easy to notice without hurting the eye, even the editor works smoothly again.

    Now, my feature request : the ONE thing missing from the admin is a lively search field displaying admin pages matching the keywords we type.
    By “lively”, I meant : “find as you type”.

    As things are, when we install a plugin, for instance, we don’t really know IF that plugin will add a settings page, and WHERE this settings page will be placed. In admin > plugin-settings most often, but then again it can be given its own admin menu, or go in Dashboard > plugin-settings.
    Or we may be unable to remember where, in the options, we can customize this, or that…

    A live admin search field would definitely help. Think of it as the search field that appeared everywhere in the Explorer in windows 7 and 8, it allows to search in storage directories, true, but also in the control panel…

    See the idea ? 🙂

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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