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  • Just like many of you, I had issues with the constant marketing pop-ups from the Yoast SEO plugin. In view of this I, like many of you, I searched for an alternative SEO plugin & tried a few alternatives.

    As I would always return to the Yoast SEO plugin, I decided I may as well buy the premium option – after all, why bother with SEO if I wasn’t fully committed to getting on page one in search.

    Purchasing the premium option made a huge difference, a difference worth far more than than the cost. For a mere $US129, I’m able to reap the full benefits of Yoast SEO for 5 websites.

    I have two primary websites and some others I’m working on. One of the primary websites is for my home design business, the other for my 3D rendering business. Both websites are on page one of Google. One site (for a particular search phrase) is on page one, position 1, 2, 3 & 4 plus we score a link or two from Pinterest. Other search results are page 1, position 1 & 2 or position 2 and so on.

    While he Yoast SEO Plugin didn’t get me on page 1 automatically, it provided me with all the tools & knowledge required to enable me to do so.

    Going premium made all the difference in the world. Compared to the price of other plugins and the ROI generated, the Yoast SEO premium plugin must be the best value WordPress plugin on the market.

    Furthermore, Yoast live & breathe SEO and constantly provide me with valuable tips, tricks & information relating to search & what Google is up to.

    If you want to help your website get in front of your audience, get the Yoast SEO Plugin. However, if you want blitz the competition by getting on page one of search, while getting your website in front of many more people, do yourself and your business a favour by investing in Yoast SEO Premium.

    Due to the 100% success rate of getting my websites on page 1, I will soon be launching a SEO business to assist other small businesses in doing the same. The Yoast SEO Premium plugin, its free information & support is largely responsible for enabling me to do this.

    Yes, install Yoast SEO. Absolutely invest in the premium version, period!

    I’m not an employee of Yoast, nor am I affiliated with Yoast in any way. I simply reward great plugins with honest reviews.

    Cheers, Boyd.

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