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  • Hi Guys!

    We’ve been evaluating scheduling plugins for an effort we want to start in our glass blowing studio; that of offering a limited experience of blowing glass that isn’t a full multi-day class but they get to participate and take home something that they have made.

    One of the things that was missing is the monthly view, as people would be booking for an experience during their summer vacation some months away. Scrolling through many screens of weeks just didn’t seem workable, so I kept looking at other choices that, as you say, are needlessly more complex to set up correctly.

    That wish came true in today’s update. Thank You! Works great.

    We like your attitude, approach, graphics and bios. Now that I’ve made my choice for recommendations, I’m having my partner look things over. A Plus license would be great for MailChimp and a Pro license would be great for payments.

    Our only remaining issue is collecting payments for bookings. If you can consider an interface to Squareup, in addition to the ones already planned, that would be stellar. If not, perhaps a method to call an interface page that carries the booking details that goes to our cart could work?

    One last question… does the Pro discount end tomorrow, February 1, or is it through February. If I can talk my partner into an annual at the sustainable discount rate that would be great, but if it ends at midnight there’s not enough time to get her on board.

    In any case, Super Work.

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  • Plugin Author croixhaug


    Hi @spherical, thanks for the message and for bearing with us until we got the monthly view released 🙂

    The pro discount is “through” February so it’s ready for you but you don’t have to make the decision in the next couple hours!

    We will be adding support for WooCommerce and that will open up support for any number of payment gateway, coupons, prepaid credits, and any other clever payment scenarios our users can dream up. So that would give you a way to use squareup with minimal dev time on your end, and some added flexibility if stripe/PayPal aren’t ideal.


    Hey, thanks for replying so quickly.

    Thank you for the clarification on Pro upgrade timing.

    Well, we’re not using WooCommerce. Our main sites are not on WordPress and we have substantial investment in time on developing our external sites and payment gateway… not that being off-WordPress couldn’t change someday.

    Had thought of using the WP Easy Pay plugin, but our cart is already set up and it just seems a bit re-inventing the wheel to use that which we already have but off-WordPress.

    Interesting side note; Square is everywhere, at least here, but never had heard of Stripe, which is featured in nearly all of the other appointment plugins. Not that I want to leave Square, because it works super and simple (just like your plugin) but what am I missing with Stripe and why haven’t we seen it before now?

    I can code, so coming up with an interface to our external cart may not be all that difficult. Just wanted to see if there were any plans in the not too far off future for Square, so I wouldn’t be re-inventing a wheel that you created. 🙂

    Plugin Author croixhaug


    Square I think dominates the in-person market, whereas I think Stripe dominates the online/web market. They have an amazing API that empowers developers with a great UI for merchants. They just got valued at $22 billion so they’re the go to solution on the web right now:

    We’ve got a lot on our roadmap so we will look at square but we wouldn’t have an ETA on that. We might need to lean on using WooCommerce to connect that payment gateway or have someone on your team work on rigging up your existing processor to SSA. I’ll look at the square API in the meantime just to see what’s involved.


    Plugin Author croixhaug


    As an imperfect solution we could have someone book an appointment and redirect them to your payment page at the end. Or vice versa, you collect payment and then redirect them to a secret booking page after you’ve confirmed their payment. That’s the no-code approach. Less elegant, but could be implemented in an afternoon 🙂

    Thanks for looking into this for us.

    >> have someone on your team work on rigging up your existing processor to SSA.
    >> have someone book an appointment and redirect them to your payment page at the end.

    I’m thinking that if the booking data: date, time slot, fee, (or even only the fee) can be captured and inserted into fields that our cart needs for input, that should work. Seems simple on first glance but most probably isn’t. :/ A direct gateway would obviously be better, but we can wait for that.

    This is something that we’re trying as an answer to people visiting the island and asking if we offer classes. The hotshop isn’t conducive to large numbers of individuals, so we decided to start with something limited in scope and, hence, limited in funds, but give people something special.

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