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  • Hey All,

    Just wanted to introduce the now completed design of The OIAN Blog Site which we have put a whole ton of work into to make it just right both in terms of looks and the navigation of the Blog.

    That said, quick note on the intention of the site. Originally, we were intending a small simple blog to promote our main site The OIAN however, we decided to do much more with the Blog. Now the Blog is a NO BS review, designed as what we like to call a diary review of just about any product. Though most topics will be web products, we are looking at real physical products too. Again, our goal is to call a spade a spade in our reviews so drop by our Blog if nothing else it may just entertain you for a it.


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  • Further to my last post,

    many have asked what theme I was using to build this Blog, in a word it’s simply Magazine Basic. As mentioned in one of my Blog posts, the selection of your theme is the most important aspect of your Blog. In the case of my selection I wanted a FREE theme with the most customization and built in features that I could get. This required about a full month of trials to get just what I was seeking but I must admit, well worth the effort I finally got what I had wanted.

    So when selecting a Blog theme be sure to know what you want first and foremost. Now if you don’t mind shelling out 20-50 then you can save yourself some time and effort and get a template theme closer to what you are looking for. Again if you are looking for a simple and fast Blog site because you are making many affiliate Blogs go for something simple and pre-made.

    well, there you have it, The OIAN Blog Site is a free theme, magazine basic but it did require lots of work to get it to where I wanted it to be.

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