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  • … not.

    C’mon guys, sort this out. I don’t visit the WP site that much, but I can seriously not remember it ever having a proper plugin library.

    Sure, there is a codex wiki page full of plugins, and thats great, but the site states that there is a proper section coming very soon. This is evidently not the case.

    I know the WordPress team must be very busy people, but you can’t expect people to take a site seriously that makes promises of quick completion that are dead for months and months.

    I have no problem with the codex plugin list; in fact, I like it, its extensive modifiable. I do, however, find the tone of ‘Very very soon. We promise. In the meantime…’ highly irritating. Wouldn’t it be a better idea to remove this and have the codex as the official plugin list for the time being, with perhaps a unobtrusive message informing of the ‘development’ of a real plugin library, rather than have the site appear to be dead?

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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    As for sorting Codex out, it’s a wiki, anyone can edit.
    Anyone can build a plugin resource.

    And some of us don’t ‘host’ on, so the codex is a good alternate resource to find stuff…


    I know, if you read the post then you’ll notice that I know that the codex is open. I know that anyone can edit. I know that anyone can ‘build a plugin resource’. I didn’t suggest that you should host on

    Sorry, perhaps I wasn’t clear enough. I was commenting on how the offical plugins section, IE, is incomplete – as far as outsiders can tell dead – and yet for months has _promised_ that it will be ready ‘very, very soon’.

    Again, as podz said – why don’t YOU take the initiative and make some edits? ANYONE CAN DO THAT – it doesn’t have to be “the WordPress team” – that’s what a codex is all about.

    So go there, create an editing account, and work on it yourself. It takes a hell of a lot more intelligence to do that, than to sit here and whine about it not being done by someone else…

    Edited to add:

    “ is coming…
    Unfortunately, due to unforseeable server failures…”

    On second thought – why don’t you go work on your own site instead? I hope I don’t go back there in a month and see the same message – I might be forced to go whine in your comments section on your blog or something…

    Unfortunately I have a huge number of exams, coursework, and gigs and gig practices to get through before I can work on my site, regretful as that is.

    I would love to help, but I couldnt help to notice that isn’t part of the codex. Correct me if I’m wrong?

    The first link on that page is though…

    and better yet, here’s a list of 2.0 compatible plugins:

    which of course, you could use as a jumping off point to create a “complete list of plugins” if you’re so inclined.

    personally, i’d much rather see something like that second link updated to include all available plugins that are 2.0 compatible, with direct links to where i can download the plugins, as opposed to the link you gave, that simply has started out with links to other people’s collections.

    i’m even almost willing to bet that the codex link on that short list is the one people click on first, most often. so really, what’s the big deal about the wording used on the page, or how many links they choose to put there?

    i’m sorry, but apparantly someone cut you off in traffic today, or sold you a soda lacking carbonation or something – i think you’re being overly picky about the words that are being used on ONE page of this site…

    that said, if you’re too busy to update your own site, what makes you think that whatever’s keeping the “WP team” busy is any less important? they’re not getting paid for this – let it go.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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