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  • I’m not sure but your code might be infected unless you mean to have spam popups and things my browser denied. I’ll guess it has to do with that.

    Yeah – I’m not getting these popups or whatnot that Iceland is talking about. (Iceland – when was the last time you checked your computer for nasties? Run Ad-Aware and SpyBot? Sounds like you may have your computer full of spyware and adware…that’s a symptoms of having that…)

    I’m seeing your site just fine, actually. No “51”. You’re only seeing it in your editing screen (through admin)? Or you see it in the live site, too? If it’s the latter, what browser are you using?

    Well, it happens on and off. So it is in fact fine now. But when it last happened I could see it through the editing screen and on the live site. Dooddlebee, do you have any idea what it could be?

    Oh, I’m using IE 6.0, but I’ve had people from different parts of the world complain about it.

    when was the last time you checked your computer for nasties

    probably in 1999 when I had Windoze. 🙂
    There are tracking and stats and something from or other such thing. It seems to depend on the browser as I get different behaviour from different browsers.

    I would suggest an audit of the code or at least turning off plugins and code that call outside sources until the culprit is determined.

    How does one audit the code? Also, is there any way of knowing which plugin might be causing it? cuz it only happens once in a while.

    What area is 51 in ? 🙂

    LOL root!

    Iceland – that’s odd, because I see *nothing* like this when the site loads. Just the site – nothing else. Maybe it’s because I’m using Mozilla – I dunno.

    I don’t know *for sure* what it could be. But I’ve seen odd characters appear in IE6 like this when there’s comments in the code. You know, like <!-- end of div --> kind of stuff. IE6 has this weird bug – I can’t remember what triggers it, but if you just use comments like this, it’ll show…how do I explain this? LOL. It’ll show the last number of characters in the page that’s equal to how many comments are in the page. So, if you have 4 commented fields in the whole page, then the last 4 characters in the page will appear.

    It’s really bizarre. But I’ve seen it *rarely* – and the stuff usually shows up at the bottom of the page, not the top. And unless the last few characters of your page are “51”, then this bug wouldn’t be the issue.

    I’d agree though – check out the plugins and see if shutting some off help out. Otherwise (unless by fluke, my thoughts are right, because I *do* know how to get around that bug) I don’t have much assistance to offer.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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