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  • Silkjaer


    The new WordPress theme viewer has launched. After many hours of work and a lot of coding it is finally ready, all packed with new and great features:

    • Theme rating
    • User theme upload
    • Theme commenting
    • All tagged
    • Download counter
    • Fantastic sorting options
    • Automatic theme snapshotting
    • Live test run

    Thanks to Headzoo, Libertus and MarkJaquith for helping with development.
    Thanks to njdavid, Menza, Marko, nazgul, samboll, mumbles, Headzoo, indranil, badr, sunburntkamel, hazyd and kristin for helping out with tagging the themes!

    Head over there and check it out!

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  • kaylowe


    Way cool!

    Samuel B


    Well – that turned out nice!



    That’s flucking sweet! Awesome job on it Silkjaer, and who ever else helped with it.. =) 😉




    Thank you for all the hard work… its awesome!!!!



    I love it ^_^



    This is amazingly cool, thanks so much. It’s interesting in a Flikr-like way, how you can see the variation… how everything’s so different, yet so many the same in a way!






    I’ve not been able to get the site to load at all today. Is there some problem? I seriously need to access a huge compilation of themes; I’ve a client beating on me (so what else is new, yes?)



    It showed up on some rather large blogs yesterday and today. I bet it is getting hammered…



    Looks very good. Thanks a lot guys!



    Thanks a lot for all the kind words – it’s been a really huge job, but I am very happy with the result. Actually looking at download statistics, since launch more than 27000 downloads has been made. Fantastic!



    silkjaer –
    any word from shadow on whether those stats are unusual or not?

    i’ve said this in a bunch of places, but i’ll say it here, too: the theme viewer is gorgeous, and amazingly functional. it’s everything we could want as a community.

    and assuming that the numbers did really jump, that’s quite a testament to how much more functional you’ve made it.

    Moderator Matt Mullenweg



    I updated the links on the “extend” page to point to the new theme viewer.



    Excellent work. Makes browsing the gallery more comfortable.

    I’ll submit some fluid-width templates as soon as I’ve transformed them to fit WordPress scheme.



    please need someone to tell me how i can set my blog to my web site i.e. thanks

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 24 total)
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