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  • gvargasdc


    The situation:

    Just upgraded to 3.3. The new uploader works great in firefox and chrome, but in IE it does not offer all the functionality or simply does not work.

    I have tested the new media uploader with IE8 in different machines (all win7) and here are the problems that I found across all machines with IE8:

    1. When the uploader defaults to the silverlight runtime it simply does not work. Clicking in the “Select Files” button doesn’t do anything.

    2. When it defaults to flash then it works, but drag-and-drop does not work. A look at website seems to indicate drag-and-drop only works on firefox and webkit. Really?

    I have tested the new media uploader in a couple of IE9 machines. To my surprise it didn’t defaulted to HTML5, but again to Silverlight. And again, clicking on the “select files” button didn’t do anything.


    Why would silverlight not work at all? Anybody have seen the new media uploader working with silverlight and IE8/IE9? Where would you look at to find the root of the problem?

    Why in IE9 it didn’t use HTML5 and defaulted to silverlight?

    Would Flash runtime ever support drag-n-drop? Or would drag-n-drop ever be supported in IE? (maybe this is more a forum question, but I figure there is a reason why WP decided to go plupload, so maybe someone out here can shed some light)

    So far, I have edited media.php to reorder the runtimes so flash is tried first. At least that makes things works as before 3.3 in the IE machines I tried. Obviously I would prefer not to do such change to the code.

    Silverlight version tested: 4.0.60831.0

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  • Pioneer Web Design


    Anyone on W7 should be on IE9…



    Probably, but…

    A. I don’t think WP has dropped support for IE8 yet.
    B. I see the same problems in IE9 that I see in IE8. Silverlight does not work and flash does not support drag-n-drop.

    Pioneer Web Design


    silverlight requires some impementation techniques and flash nor silverlight have anything to do with WP..check that your host supports the required mime types.



    Thank you SwansonPhotos. Mime types were missing on my server for silverlight to work. So uploader now works with silverlight in my host albeit with the same limitation as flash (no drag/drop). I guess it is what it is. Thank you again.

    thanks, adding to .htaccess helped me too!

    AddType application/xaml+xml .xaml
    AddType application/x-msdownload .dll
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