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  • It went like this:
    – entered username password, hit import. The system did nothing.
    – 4 hours later I refreshed the page, got a “It was interrupted, continue?”, I hit yes
    – it now started and grabbed the first 100 posts after which it gave the “Oops, livejournal disconnected us” error. This apparently is the handled case for ixr getting a 406 error. WordPress recommended waiting 30 minutes, I gave it 40, then an hour, both times I got the same response.
    – I deleted the import, and restarted from scratch. The results were exactly identical.
    – out of curiosity to see if the mass export functionality was bollocksed, I installed a windows lj backup tool and ran that, that worked fine.

    I’m game to try a different approach if you want to test something.

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  • Update: the first part of the error in question is actually cause the meta information for the journal never comes down and is never set. This freezes the first attempt with total post count at 0.

    On restart it doesn’t verify this number is sane and just blindly begins after it makes sure that the lastsync date is set (which is hardset even on meta download failure). Not sure why it stops at 100 yet.

    Anyone else see this issue?

    For googlers, this shows up as the error message: “Uh oh – LiveJournal has disconnected us because we made too many requests to their servers too quickly.”

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