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  • I’ve been blogging for years, over a decade and a half, and the new Block editor is the worst, most nonintuitive editor out there.

    Period, the end.

    I have a brand new, non-techno-savvy user I’m trying to walk through setting up and maintaining his own website and he’s very, very frustrated with the whole block thing.

    I don’t blame him. As a long time blogger and someone well versed in website layout and design, I can tell you right now that it’s utter shite to use.

    The Classic Editor was fine. There was NOTHING wrong with it. That WordPress refuses to listen to users and is forcing the Block Editor on its consumer base (yes, that’s right, your CONSUMERS) is indicative of the wrongheadedness now so prevalent in the tech world.

    Most people using WordPress are not very techno-savvy. They need something simple and easy to use. That isn’t the Block Editor.

    “Block Editor is the future”? No. We always have the option of going elsewhere. That’s the great thing about capitalism and the free market; there are PLENTY of options out there.

    Listen to your people, or you’re going to lose consumers and WordPress will no longer be the go-to platform for websites and blogging. Right now, that looks like a very good thing to me.

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  • I agree completely. I have had multiple problems even saving my blog post with the new editor like there is an error with it. anyway, I literally just made a account so I could log in and comment on this post and say how awful the new editor is. haha. I make software for a living as a IT Project Manager and I encourage change. Its actually part of my job to persuade people to use new technology, but this editor sucks and I found no added value from it.

    You can still use the Classic Editor. It’s still part of WordPress right now, to handle the custom post types that don’t enable the REST API. There are a few plugins that switch it for all post types.

    One person who’s been using it a long time was overheard in Slack to say: “I had to use the Classic Editor and it was very frustrating.”

    C S Sultan


    I completely understand your frustration. I also went through the same phase. However, things have changed.

    At first, I thought Gutenberg was a disaster. But when I studied a little, it just got better and better.

    Yes, the block editor is new and complex, to be honest. But all you need to do is, invest a few hours in reading their documents and checking out their features.

    I found many features in Gutenberg that outranks Classic editor. For example, the table’s block, or the columns block. These are amazing features. You can now arrange blogs in columns and include tables without using codes.

    Honestly, the block editor does eliminate requirements of programming knowledge for bloggers to a great extent.

    I believe if you give a little time in understanding its features, Gutenberg will prove to be better than a Classic Editor, for bloggers.



    I agree as well.

    It could be very cool, and I love some of the features it provides. But it has been forced on us. I’m not opposed to change. Change can be good. But it has to be done right – and not break our content.

    For me, the lack of indent / outdent in the new editor is a big red flag and a problem. I hope this is added ASAP.



    I agree too. I miss previous editor style, it’s not only my opinion as I see above. Voting also for fixing that to better one. Thanks.

    Hola chicos,

    Alguien sabe como bloquear el editor de bloques?
    Edito mis entradas con Page Builder y todo bien hasta que las publico, vuelve a aparecer el fu… editor de bloques que no quiiiero porque no me deja agregar widgets!!

    Por favor ayudaaa!!

    Andrew Nevins


    WCLDN 2018 Contributor | Volunteer support

    @utopiademujer, Open a troubleshooting thread here:

    @sklepkosiarki, Don’t use feedback threads to vote for features.

    I went to do a “quick” blog post after my site was updated, took one look, and left. It’s several weeks later and I’m trying again, but frankly I just don’t have the time to learn how to use blocks. And I’m really tired of the people who make these decisions (not just WordPress) messing things up but trying to sell it to me with platitudes and sales pitches like, “Welcome to the wonderful world of blocks!” Telling me it is true does not make it so, and it is not so!

    I am so relieved that I can go back to the old editor, but do I see that IT is also on it’s way out?

    It’s times like these that I’m really glad I’m very old and won’t have to deal with this stuff much longer.

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