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    I have given it some time to see if I could grow to like it, or even just to make sense of it. But I can’t. It’s an abomination.

    It means that I can’t see meta boxes applied by my theme or other plugins. Nor can I see any custom fields. And it looks plain terrible.

    Frankly, this plugin’s development has been chaotic throughout. I’ve been with you from the very early days, and was one of your first Pro purchasers, when you had a neat, promising plugin which could have gone places. But your approach (and the messiest code I have ever seen in a plugin) has left you with fewer than 1000 users of the free plugin even after a couple of years. There have even been a few months when your then-current version just didn’t work.

    But this takes the cake. It’s just change for the sake of change.

    I’m going back to an earlier version that I modded so that it would actually work reliably — and I’ll begin to look for another plugin to take over in the longer term.

    What a shame!

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  • Plugin Author SolaPlugins


    Hi KTS915.

    So sorry to hear you feel this way.

    You can change back to the old dashboard view by going to ‘Help Desk’ -> ‘Settings’ and check the checkbox labelled ‘Display Tickets In Legacy View’ while still using the latest version.

    My apologies for the inconvenience and frustration this change has caused you.


    You apologize every time something goes wrong, and I believe you mean it. You have always been courteous, and I appreciate that. But avoiding the need to apologize would be much better. And there have just been too many such occasions. I thought things might improve when the code got significantly cleaned up at last, but apparently not.

    For example, having an option to change to a “Legacy View” misses the point completely. “Legacy” means something left over from the past, but definitely not where the devs want to go in the future. That tells me that I should start to look elsewhere. If you think the new dashboard is an improvement that you’ll be keeping, what else are you planning in future to inflict on users?

    What I don’t understand is why you see the need to fiddle with something that works fine instead of tackling stuff that doesn’t. Your email piping, for example, currently works in precisely the opposite way from what was originally intended, but you seem to have decided to settle for that. Yet email piping for opening the question but not responses is bizarre. It should be the other way round, as was the original intention. But, again, you seem to think that the current way is the future. I just don’t share that vision.

    Plugin Contributor NickDuncan


    Hi KTS915

    You have valid points. All true. I must admit we have battled along with this plugin and havent really committed as many resources as we should have to the development cycle of it due to capacity constraints.

    If you’re keen on contributing to the development please let me know so we can chat further (slack?)


    Thanks for this. seems not to be sending me notifications of any threads at the moment, so I’ve only just seen this.

    I am not a developer, just a fairly experienced implementer, but I am happy to chat further to see what you have in mind, and whether I could contribute.

    I do have access to slack. Let me know what the best way of contacting you would be, and I’ll check back here regularly so that (even if isn’t co-operating) I see your response.

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