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  • aliottaj


    If 5.0 becomes the default, WordPress will soon die. Besides the huge opensource library of add-ins, the primary benefit of wordpress was an easy editor for both content writers as well as strong HTML editors. Not only is the whole block thing hugely clunky, it creates terrible HTML. Most of the easy adds such as adding an image, I couldn’t even find much less you lose almost all ability to move the image to where you want in the posts. The constant ‘error’ messages are also crazy.

    If I wanted a <p></p> tage everywhere, I would do it myself, instead I have the pleasure of deleting them everywhere and getting an error message. I was literally about to throw it all away until I cound the classic editor plug-in which went back to the old editor. This is, of course, crazy to have to install plug-in to removve the upgrade. I suggest the next version, removes the gutenburg completely and if people want it they can add a plug in for it.

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