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  • This new admin that groups things differently actually made it harder to use wordpress. Now my categories for posts and links are all one big cluster-[^#$&*$]!

    Why would you group the link categories and the post categories together? My link categories are,
    blog searches,
    link plugs,
    related sites, (affiliate links)

    My post categories are,
    mp3 devices,
    computer accessories,

    Why would I ever want these things mixed up? It makes absolutely no sense and I cannot think of a blogging structure that would support it.

    And, even if there was one, it must be the minority because everyone I know is scratching their heads wondering why you did this too.

    I used to be able to manage everything from the manage tab. Now I have to move around tabs to manage things like comments… why? It is like your admin interface took 18 steps back.

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  • Well, I don’t think the WP devs would have departed so markedly from the link and category scheme without having field tested it first. Apparently someone liked the new system of combining those categories. I think the assumption is that people blog about certain topics and that their links would follow that same topical structure.

    But I feel your pain. On my personal blog I have the usual categories, About Me, Daily Grind, Just Damn, Politix, Media, Humor, Cats, Cars, About Him, etc. And my link categories were basically just categories for my various blogrolls: Texas Blogs, Daily Reads, Far Away Friends, Houston Blogs, etc. So yeah, to that extent, it’s a bit cumbersome.

    But I hadn’t noticed the dashboard being any more difficult to navigate than before.

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