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  • bubblecat


    I have just created my first WordPress theme for my personal blog and would like opinions on it. This is also my first time using valid XHTML 1.1 and CSS. I’m quite proud of myself. 🙂 But getting another person’s opinions/constructive criticism wouldn’t hurt. Thanks in advance.

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  • schestowitz


    Nice design, I like it.

    Constructive criticism (intended for improvement):

    * Animals at the bottom-right side of the banner seem to blend poorly with the background, which is slightly distracting.

    * Firfox 1.0.7: there is an odd space between the top and bottom part of the search facility



    Thanks for your suggestions. About the space – does the box look broken?



    It’s pretty I like it.




    Yes, it’s still broken in Firefox:

    No biggie though… *smile*



    Search box is still broken in firefox.

    Anyway – I love the design of your site. Clean, well layed out, and I like the category headings on the sidebar. Makes for nice separation.

    Great job!!!




    This looks good in FF.

    I tested in with WinXP and FF, and I liked the way you did the Sidebar.
    First I thought, each box is having the slanting in the opposite direction. well that was just an illusion ? all of them are slanting in the same direction.

    anyway, i just wanted to tell you, this design is looking nice and you keep working on it.




    I have a friend that would love this theme if you could make one with bears instead of wolves. 🙂



    very cute theme..



    Search box is fine in FF1.5. The theme is really great! I like it – it’s nifty and different…. and loaded fast (which is important since I’m on crap dialup….)



    Thanks for all of your comments, everyone! Sorry, i was so late in responding.

    I don’t understand why the box is broken in Firefox, because I’m using Firefox as well and the box isn’t broken…???? Could it be screen resolution? I’m on a 1024×768 resolution. I’m stumped.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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