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  • Hello,
    I realized that on localhost (XAMPP 8.1.6 for Windows), the navigation toggle menu button does not work. At the same time, this button works fine production testing website.
    I disabled all plugins and saw that the button works. And then activated the Gutenberg plugin and found out that the button does not work so I believe there’s an issue with this plugin.
    I use WordPress version 6.1 and Gutenburg version 14.4.0 (the latest versions now) with both 2023 and 2022 themes.
    I hope someone can help.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Hi @mohammad177

    It will not be possible to access a site on localhost, you mentioned that the toggle button doesn’t work on localhost, however

    At the same time, this button works fine production testing website.

    Can you please give up more information about the above, I want to understand the difference between the two sites.

    Thread Starter Mohammad


    Hi @thelmachido

    I use this version of XAMPP for Windows:
    You can use install and test it if possible.

    The local and production testing environments are the same:
    I used the 2023 theme and disable all plugins except Gutenberg.
    One of these websites is on my local computer and one is in a folder on my hosting online where I installed WordPress on it for testing purposes.
    I use the latest version of the theme, WordPress, and Gutenberg till now (the time I am writing this post) for both of them.

    I used developer tools to debug. It seems that the toggle menu button on the local host lack one event listener that is responsible to open the modal.
    Look at these images from local and production websites:
    I underlined the event listener in red on the production website image.

    JuanMa Garrido


    Hi @mohammad177

    Which browser and version are you using for this test?
    Are you having this same behavior in different answers?

    Thread Starter Mohammad


    Hi @juanmaguitar
    I tested again now with these browsers (latest versions):
    Edge v107
    Firefox v107
    Opera v93
    Chrome v107
    The behavior is the same in all of them. The problem exists.

    JuanMa Garrido


    For reference, the testing instructions to reproduce this bug would be:
    – Local Environemnt: XAMPP 8.1.6
    – SO: Windows
    – Browsers: Edge v107, Firefox v107, Opera v93. Chrome v107
    – Theme: Twenty Twenty Three

    I don’t use Windows so I cannot reproduce this bug in my machine (I let the testing instructions just in case any other member of the community can reproduce it and provide more insights about this issue)

    There’s a suite of tests that are launched automatically for the navigation block. If there’s no test for this button (to check that clicking this button produces the expected output, for example), an issue should be created to request the inclusion of this test.

    There’s an open issue to improve the tests for the Navigation block. Feel free to add a comment to this issue to request a specific test for this expected behavior of this component or to create a new issue and reference this one (like this one did)

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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