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    this was a problem with the 3.8beta and it came back with 3.8.1
    post visual tabs cant switch from code to visual tab not working this is happing with some other tabs as well I hope it don’t take 2 months for a fix like I the 3.8 beta’s. development should work on quality and bloatware removal from core rather than , trying to control everyone’s design of wordpress. like those stupid auto updates. need to put new people in charge of core another persons mindset not the same control freaks wp has been using for too long. remember MS windows ME that is what wp 3.8 is and 9 is garbarge too, wake up before you ruin the greatest blogging platform. FYI

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  • What does “Not Working” mean?

    Have you turned off all your plugins and verified that it’s not one of them causing a problem?

    when creating post the switching between visual and code tab when clicked doesn’t move wont change screens. this was a documented problem and they tried to fix it in 3.8.1 it cameback.



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    Can you replicate the problem using the default Twenty Fourteen theme with all plugins deactivated?

    I checked on a clean site (and then my live site) and I can’t reproduce it. It’s likely a plugin or theme conflict.

    No response in a week, and this is about 3.8.1 not the current beta so I’m marking this resolved. If you’re still having the problem after testing with your themes and plugins, please make a new topic in the general troubleshooting section.

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