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  • …and maybe the most confusing, difficult thing I’ve ever tried to use, period, for anything.

    I just spent HOURS trying to get my company’s contact info entered into this service’s bizarre, apparently undocumented haystack of confusion. There is no help at all available that is in any way comprehensible to people who don’t already understand exactly how it works. If all you want is to add some “structured data” (whatever that is, after hours of trying to get this set up I still don’t even know) to your site to improve your search ranking, STAY AWAY because this thing is like if James Joyce programmed a computer in Martian.

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  • Hi Ian, I am sorry you had a difficult and confusing experience using our free version of Schema App and that you didn’t find our 65+ videos, tutorials, or getting started guide to help you in your journey to optimizing your site. Schema App uses the vocabulary as written by Google, Yahoo and Bing and I agree with you that it can be daunting to understand. I too wish that they had used more English words instead of things like ContactPoint, but they didn’t and it’s their language. If you don’t want to try our FREE version of Schema App again, that’s ok. It was created for SEO pro’s who speak schema. I hope you find something that suits your needs. If you have further feedback for us, please feel free to contact me at, I am the cofounder and responsible for customer success and always want to hear how we can make it better. Martha van Berkel

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