[resolved] The most aggrivating error in the universe: Unexpected $end (2 posts)

  1. jeremyduffy
    Posted 7 years ago #

    I've been fighting this for DAYS. For some reason, my page works perfectly on my development machine (laptop) AND one of the two webservers I have online. But when I upload it to my main webserver (http://www.jordans-town.com), I get an unexpected $end error in functions.php. I know there's no error in functions or header so it must be some code that loads in between. Since the only time I see the error is when I activate my template, it can't be the wordpress code itself (not to mention someone probably would have noticed that by now).

    What template code is loaded between the header and functions.php? Can anyone help me narrow this down?

  2. jeremyduffy
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Found the error. Something was invisibly wrong with my functions file. I had to cut and paste the code to a new file and save over the old one and it finally worked.

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