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  • Where to begin? There’s so many small issues that I’m not even sure which one annoys me the most. Perhaps that pasting something usually forces a new line that I immediately have to remove? Perhaps that I get warnings every time I add some HTML (a table, for example)? Perhaps that selecting text/code ends up selecting blocks instead? Perhaps that copying text includes this crap as well: <!– wp:paragraph –>? Perhaps that it sometimes crashes and deletes my page? Perhaps that it takes up less than 30% of the screen? Perhaps it’s that shortcuts for headings don’t work?

    At best, it’s a decent visual editor I have no use for. At worst, it’s a massive inconvenience. Please, at the very least, give me a checkmark option to disable it. I don’t always have access to edit php files and I don’t want to install a plugin just to disable the editor. 🙁

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  • Hi there, thank you for the review. Indeed, working with the block editor has some implications (copying the <!– wp:paragraph –> as part of the HTML), but also some advantages (e.g. same feature, select all + copy, in the classic editor resulted in plain text being copied).

    On the other hand there is also the option of using the classic editor. It is at the distance of a plugin install indeed.

    Also please feel welcomed to post issues you encounter in the Gutenberg development repo.

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