Quite a complex setup, but really like the fact it uses separate tables rather than more meta (like all the others). I feel the extra time setting it up is worth it on most of my projects that don’t quite need a custom built plugin.

    I think it’s great, but you do need to know what you’re doing – definitely not something for the no-code “developer” 😉

    Sure there’s people saying don’t use this as Pods will support it in a proper way… but it’s been over 6 years since, and there’s still no way to do a real ACF style repeater with Pods other than with this add-on (or coding it yourself). Sorry simple repeater fields just don’t cut it.

    I love Pods and the way it allows you to create your own tables, but the lack of a proper repeater kills me on so many sites I want to use it on, so I’ve gotta say thanks Panda Pods for keeping this updated!

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