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  • Hiya,

    Have you also tried switching to the default theme? It may be a theme conflict.


    Sure, but I ask for some kind of log file…

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    Most browsers now have developer tools built-in where you can check for network errors and so on, so you could take a look at those.

    But as Phil says, the quickest way to check if it’s a conflict with your theme is to temporarily switch to the default theme to see if the map loads.

    Sure, as I wrote – the consle is empty for errors.
    I wonder even when the swich would work – how would I find an error on current theme.

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    Javascript conflicts don’t always show up in the console. Switching the theme will tell you if the theme is causing a problem.

    If you switch and the map loads ok, you know there is a problem with the theme. If it still doesn’t work, you know the problem isn’t with your theme – it could be with another plugin instead.

    Well I switched the theme and the issue still exists…
    Could you please look at: for some bugs?


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    Have you tried deactivating all other plugins to see if that fixes the problem?

    Can you paste a link to an event page with the problem? My Russian isn’t too good 🙂

    Mine too 🙂

    I’ve deativated and activated other plugins. Still I have the same issue.
    You can see the issue in bottom right sidebar. I tried to add the map with two shortcodes with no effect.

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    How are you doing that? Are you putting a shortcode in a text widget?

    Do you have something like this in your functions.php file?

    add_filter('widget_text', 'do_shortcode');

    Without that WordPress widgets can’t display shortcodes. That could be the problem. If not, does it work if you use only one shortcode?

    Sure – all the other shotcodes that I use – are working well. The code add_filter('widget_text', 'do_shortcode'); exists in functions.php.
    I used [locations_map] to display the map.

    i’m having a similar issue with the map not loading.

    example issue page here:

    any idea of what is going wrong?

    I reckon that there’s a plugin or theme conflict. I cannot fix mine as well.
    I’d love to have bug tracker for this plugin…

    How or why is this issue resolved? I have problems with “Loading Map…” on my theme, too. Has this been fixed or now?

    I’ve been able to confirm that the problem is somewhere in the plugin, and not with my theme or other plugins. I reverted Event Manager back to v5.4.4 and the Google Maps load with no problem.

    I hope the developer fixes whatever the problem is in future updates. I won’t be upgrading anytime soon!

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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