• Hey, i like ur plugin. Its working Great. Really good work.
    But in Lighthouse i ve this Message:
    “The manifesto does not have a maskable symbol”.
    Can you fix this in a Update?


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    And i found a Problem.
    If i want to use a other Push-Message Service (Webpushr), then your PWA is not more working.
    I want to use ur PWA, but the Pushmessage service of Webpushr, is it possible?

    Plugin Author Nico Martin


    Hi @proflowa

    I guess the Push Notification plugin you try to use is not compatible with progressive WordPress. The good news is that I am working on a completely new version og my plugin that will use Webpush to send push notifications.
    You can see the progression in the branch I’m working on: https://github.com/SayHelloGmbH/progressive-wordpress/tree/v3

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