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  • I am completely new to using WordPress 3.9.1 and find I’m having a problem finding the Manage Locations option. I understand it should be located under Appearance > Menus and both Edit Menus and Manage Locations tabs. In my case Manage Locations is missing from this pane. Very much appreciate your advice. Tony

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    Where did you download the theme from?

    Thank you for such a prompt reply. I download the theme from and have tried several of the free themes including the twentyfourteen, twentythirteen and responsive. Each shows the same missing ‘Manage Locations’ tab problem. I also re-download 3.9.1 and created a new test site. I am using Desktop Server.

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    I am using Desktop Server….

    What exactly is that? XAMPP? WAMP server?

    You may not be logged into WordPress as a full admin.

    Hi songdogtech – DesktopServer ( is a virtual server that resides on your computer and can be accessed from your desktop web browser via a fictitious, pseudo top-level domain name: .dev (in example, It does require administrator access and works similarly I understand to xampp or wamp in allowing you to work directly on your desktop prior to uploading to your host.

    As explained in my first post I am completely new to using WordPress although I have a Dreamweaver background. I decided to disable DesktopServer and setup things up using XAMPP (Mac). I used a fresh copy of WordPress 3.9.1 and TwentyFourteen, but once again found the ‘Manage Locations’ tab still missing from the Appearance > Menus pane. Has Manage Locations been moved to another area of 3.9.1 or am I doing something dramatically wrong?

    ‘Manage Locations’ has never been a part of WordPress core code. If you have seen that somewhere else, then that functionality was provided by either a plugin, or by the sites theme.

    Can I ask where you saw that option before, or read about it, or came across it in the past? That might help us ot figre out just where it’s come from.

    The Manage Locations tab I refer to is as shown in this WordPress document and screen grab of the WordPress Appearance > Edit pane and was provided by singdogtech in an earlier post.

    As you can see there is a ‘Manage Locations’ tab next to the ‘Edit Menus’ tab. However, in my case I only see the ‘Edit Menus’ tab.

    Ah OK. That makes more sense now. I’m sorry, I should have remembered that, but I don’t take too much notice to that are much.

    From what I’ve seen before those tabs are not there because your theme won’t support custom menus. That’s the most likely problem that you’re facing. You’ll need to look into your themes coding and see if you can add menu support back into the theme using add_theme_support() and setting up a menu or two.

    That’s great thank you I’ll check it out.

    Just a thank you to both @songdogtech and @catacustic for your help and perserverance.

    Unfortunately no matter what I try I am still having the same issue with the 3.9.2 Appearance > Menu controls remaining grayed out and no ‘manage locations’ tab. Totally running out of ideas what to try or do next and near to the point of giving up.


    I am having exact same issue, after I start new website and install WordPress 4.0 everything seems to be working fine except the menus under Appearance > Menus. Everything there is greyed out, I can create a menu but I cannot see it after it is created, I can see the pages but they are all greyed out, if I go to customize, I can see the menu I created. Any help would be appreciated. I did not use custom theme or anything different from the standard WordPress setup that comes with Desktop Server original installation. I am on Mac.

    Thank you so much

    Hi, I had the same problem. In your functions file you’ve to use – register_nav_menus() –
    not – register_nav_menu() -.

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