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    It’s here! After nearly two years, the new (and completely re-written) MailPoet plugin is finally ready to use!

    This new version is still in beta. As such, please be aware that there will be issues and bugs. For now, we highly recommend that only power users install the new beta plugin.

    The new version of MailPoet is completely separate from the old version. As a result, the beta has its own page in the WordPress plugin repository. You can also try the beta demo.


    If you want to provide us feedback or report any problems, there’s a separate forum for that here.

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  • I have switched to Mailpoet Beta, and when I configure and prepare emails, they are active, but they are never sent, and I have them scheduled to be sent, what happens?

    This problem is only happening in the posting notification when it is supposed to send it automatically, but it does not send it.

    I’m thinking of making myself premium, but first I want it to work properly.

    Hi there,

    I’ve got a check box in a registration form. I now want to send a letter to all subscribers who just checked that box.

    Is this possible? Otherwise: What can I do with own “special fields”?

    Best regards,


    Hi I just installed the mailpoet 3 beta and it is mentionnend :
    “Your subscribers, lists, forms and settings will be migrated”
    but only one list was migrated, the user of the webside, not the subscribers !

    Another one by me. 😉

    In MailPoet 2 I also got a new email if there was a new subscriber. In version 3 I miss that feature. Or did I get lost somewhere?

    Best regards,


    I updated to version 3, so far so good. But I can not resize images? Is that by design or a bug? That was the best part of version 2………….

    You should better shut down the forum. You do not care about it anyway.

Viewing 8 replies - 16 through 23 (of 23 total)
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