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  • I doubt very much that a blues song about the woes of the <!--more--> tag would make for a good tune, but it makes for a good opening to a post.

    My issue has been posted up elsewhere, and I’ve searched the codex and maybe the matrix for the answer.

    My problem is a theme I’ve created. The theme is a simple three column theme, but I hit upon a major issue when adding the aforementioned more tag into a post.

    Here is what happens

    If I do this<!–more–>

    It works.

    The xhtml reads

    Ah, well, another attempt to stop this theme issue with the more tag <a href="">(more…)</a>

    If I do this

    Again, it works.

    The xhtml shows the following

    Ah, well, another attempt to stop this theme issue with the more tag

    If I do this

    <!–more–> (I've used the enter button twice to push down the more tag)

    It crashes IE6 when any user logs onto the page that has the last example. The xhtml shows this...

    Ah, well, another attempt to stop this theme issue with the more tag


    As you see, the only difference is that the more tag, which is a hyperlink, is in its own paragraph with no other text.

    I can deal with that easily enough. I could teach users to use the more tag so it does not crash IE6, but I’m looking for a public release and no way can I release the theme with this issue.

    I’m currently looking at the Css with suspicion, so will mark up the a link in that particular circumstance.

    Given what I’ve explained, who would venture some sort of opinion that might shed more light on this issue?

    I know its my theme because if I use the WordPress classic, all is well.

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  • Can you post a link or something? That makes no sense – I highly doubt it’s the CSS that’s the problem. Seeing some code/CSS might help though.

    I think it might be the Css, and God only knows how many wierd errors IE6 can throw up. I’m sure Mr Gates tries his hardest in that regard.

    I’ve altered my Css by just finding my original Css file and adding what I could remember. I do not know what Css div was the problem, but as of now, I’m 99% certain that I’ve sorted this issue.

    I’ll post a link when I’ve sorted it as I’m excited now after spending over a week trying to settle this issue.

    It is hard to think of anything to when you have a problem with your blog and need to settle it.

    God willing, I have sorted it out.

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