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  1. Vandalyzed
    Posted 8 years ago #

    As soon as I upgraded to 2.5, I started having problems with my blog. After searching threads and doing all that was suggested on other posts, nothing worked.

    Fortunately, the next day, 2.5.1 was released. I upgraded both sites and everything was working perfectly. This was about 5 days ago, I believe.

    Now, today, I have been writing posts, etc. There has been no problem all day. Then I went to the gym about 6pm EST. Get back on at around 9pm and I cannot access anything.

    I put in my password, and the page just reloads with the user/pass fields clear. I put in a "wrong" password, and I get the cookies error message.

    I tried changing the password directly in my database. I get the cookies error message.

    Other than this explanation of what I've done today, I can offer no other assistance to get this problem solved. Everything was working just fine today. I leave, come back, and suddenly I cannot log in.

    Oh, yes. I tried logging in under another registered user/pass. Same effect, the page reloads and the login fields clear and nothing.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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