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    I’m having problems reading the ‘Logs’ contained within SEO Booster, as they are a very light pink on a white background.

    Is there a fix for this?

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    Hello Steve

    Thank you for your question, but it sounds like some other plugin is conflicting with the colors, because the default color is not pink.

    The default color scheme can be seen here:

    I can try to enforce the CSS rules preventing another plugin from overruling the colors – I will include that in the next release. Thank you for letting me know 🙂

    Yeah – when I say ‘pink’ it just means that all the logs are near to invisible – as seen via your screencast photo.

    I honestly thought they’d been ‘greyed out’ as a PRO feature until I clicked on one and saw it working.

    Ok, more like a very light grey on a white background – even so, the logs might just as well be invisible.

    Don’t bother changing the plugin as it is, as I’m so used to developers buggering up perfectly working plugins – just a css fix to make the logs more visible would be nice.

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    Plugin Author cleverplugins


    Hi Steven

    Ah, I was confused when you referenced the color pink, gotcha 🙂

    I have just released 3.3.8 where I have increased the font size and padding in the log and made the default text black.

    Also, I introduced alternate colors for each row (same colors as WordPress default) to make it easier to separate the log entries.

    I hope it improves the log for you, please let me know if you have other suggestions, this topic I will close for now.

    Topic re-opened:

    Dunno, it looks exactly the same to me –

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    Plugin Author cleverplugins


    Hello Steve

    Ah, so you are referring to 404 errors (you have a lot) – I have made them slightly orange as RED was worrying some users that the log entry was critical.

    Here is a screenshot where you see both

    I will make the color stand out in some other way or attach a label to it instead so still readable. That will come in next version.

    Just done another of those screencast shots (wonderful toy!)

    Yes, all the 404 pages are coming up invisible. but the original marker where I emptied the logs indeed shows as black.

    Which brings up another point – all the 404s are coming from Wordfence. No 404s are being sent by Google Search Console, and even on the Links Widget, I’ve had to add a redirect to send the links over to the homepage.

    Is there a way around these ‘rogue 404s’ or is there a problem with Wordfence itself?

    Plugin Author cleverplugins


    WordFence is a very stable plugin in my experience, so if those are rogue 404s there must be a conflict with my plugin.

    I do see a few missing pictures on your website when I do a crawl (Screaming Frog SEO Spider), so let me make sure those are not the ones you are talking about.

    Could you please use the ticket system, then I can send the list of 404 errors.

    Plugin Author cleverplugins


    Just a quick headsup – I released a new minor update just now, primarily CSS changes, this is how your log should look – Notice the use of yellow icons.

    No, the missing pictures, pages, wordfence codes, and everything else is from years ago when I was still using Divi – which I haven’t used for about three years now.

    Obviously all the content has now changed, and anything that was left over is being redirected by the ‘Redirection’ plugin.

    This is all explained in the two posts above this one, and is a perpetual nightmare that lets this plugin down.

    Just a quick heads up – the new update looks exactly the same as the old version with orange writing:

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