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  • No matter what I do, it seems like my installation of WordPress begins to degrade the moment I install it. My main concern is with my Feeds, but plugins do it to.

    Everything works great when I install it. All the feeds work correctly. Google Reader updates with my site as expected.

    But after a week, I get all kinds of php errors. The feeds stop feeding. Google Reader stops updating. Plugins will begin to fail. And this is without touching anything, except posting. The only way to fix it is to reinstall WordPress. And the cycle begins again.

    It’s like wordpress is just rotting away.

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  • Having things start to fail without you having changed anything could be a sign of hacking. Reinstalling WordPress may temporarily fix things, but if the source of the infection is not removed, things will just go bad again.

    Have you contacted your web host about this?

    I haven’t contacted my web host about this. I kinda thought it was a WP problem.

    What could be a source of the infection? Like something that is laying on my web host server? I run a very small website with very few visitors. I wouldn’t think i’m being hacked, but who knows.

    Is this definitely a hosting problem?

    Your host, your settings – definitely something on your end. Otherwise all the 1.5 million downloads would be here crying about the same, don’t you think?

    How to tell….

    pull a copy of all the php files in the wordpress folder BEFORE you re-install.

    Run a comparison utility on them… see if the files have become corrupted.

    If they have, if the php files are not EXACTLY AND PRECISELY the same as when you uploaded them, then by golly, SOMEONE is hacking you.

    At which point you change your FTP password, change your cpanel password, change your admin username… etc etc etc…

    Check, and then you’ll know.

    ((( * I like Beyond Compare from Scooter Software for this.)))

    Thanks for all the help. I contacted my host and they thought it might be hacking too. That’s just weird. But thought it might also be a problematic plugin.

    I changed all my passwords. I hope that fixes it.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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