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  • Dear folks,

    I am running a multisite and just update the wordpress version to the latest 4.9.7 by clicking update in network admin > dashboard > update.

    Then in every sites, including main site and all subsites,

    1)I can find the line “<meta name=”generator” content=”WordPress 4.9.7″>” in the source codes.

    2)Plus in the backend CMS of each site, after login, I can find the text “Version 4.9.7” at the right bottom corner.

    So here is my question, does these imply I have successfully upgrade my WordPress version to 4.9.7 in the whole multisite network?

    I am confused because there are another button “Upgrade Network” in super admin dashboard which I am not sure what is it for.

    May someone can explain to me please?
    Many thanks.


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    Thanks mate,

    I did read this before but still dun really grab the idea of it.

    Even if I don’t “upgrade network”, all sub-sites show they are using “WordPress 4.9.7” in the source code and backend CMS after login.

    Then I wonder if there still a need to do the “upgrade network” thing.
    Any idea? Thanks for helping.


    Hey @johnnyau2

    From my understanding when you update your WordPress, it basically updates the files on your server and the required database upgrade for the main site only. The upgrade network is used to update the database tables of all the blogs in a Network. It loops through the database 5 blogs at a time. If you don’t do it then each blog should be updated when the admin for that blog logs in to the administration for that blog.

    Thanks mate, @uniquelylost,

    For “If you don’t do it then each blog should be updated when the admin for that blog logs in to the administration for that blog.”, will the update triggered automatically when the subsite admin logged in? or the admin have to press anything to trigger the update?


    @johnnyau2 should be triggered automatically by any admin visiting wp-admin of any subsite. Ideally when possible though its a good idea to to run the upgrade network manually by clicking the button in the network admin, just to keep all the subsites up to date with each other.

    If the network is very large (hundreds-thousands) it helps to be running PHP 7, the upgrade will loop through the subsites much faster than earlier versions of PHP. And if the upgrade stalls at some point during the process, which occasionally can happen on very large networks, you can try to reload the exact URL it stalled at so it tries to pickup where it left off rather than backing out and starting all over again.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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