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  • The idea is good.
    However, when outputting DIV blocks: the first author has no comment. his comment at the top of the second author, and so on. last comment is not the author.
    In addition, for some reason, there was a horizontal scroll bar for content.

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  • Plugin Author darrinb


    Hi! Thanks for reaching out to me! Unfortunately the link to the picture you provided is not a valid link.

    If you’re seeing mis-aligned content and styling issues, it’s more than likely a CSS issue. This widget does not come with default styling. Your best bet is to add some CSS styles to your theme’s style sheet to get your comment list looking the way you’d like.

    Plugin Author darrinb


    Firstly, a 1-star rating *before* asking for help really isn’t cool.

    Based on the image you provided, the issue you’re having is related to your site’s styling, not the widget. The widget doesn’t provide default styling, which allows you to match the list to your site’s design.

    In the case of what you’re seeing, you just need to apply come style rules, and your comment list should line up nicely.

    If you provide a link to your site, I’d be happy to try and help you out.

    Thanks for the answer and offer to help, it is worth a lot!
    I solved the problem in another way – installed another widget.

    the issue you’re having is related to your site’s styling, not the widget.

    Perhaps you are right, so I would like to change the rating.
    Unfortunately I dont find a way how to change the rating.
    Can you tell, plz?

    Plugin Author darrinb


    You should be able to change your rating here:

    Let me know if that works for you!

    i set rating and press “edit post”.
    and I see 3 review 5 stars.
    Average Rating 5 out of 5 stars.
    but in my request i still see 1star, so i dont know, work this solution or not.

    Plugin Author darrinb


    I see what you’re seeing, but your rating is one of the 3 with 5 stars, so it’s all good. Maybe it just takes a while for your individual request to update. In any case, thanks! If you choose to use my widget, just let me know, and I’ll help out with the style issues.


    OK. Thank you. In my next project I will try your widget. Thanks for the help.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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