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  1. leongaban
    Posted 5 years ago #

    I'm hoping to get a clean and clear code based response to this question. I've search and read dozens of similar questions, but none have the answers. I'm not trying to figure out how to get YouTube to work in wordpress, I build a custom video player that works off an XML file.

    Basically the problem I'm trying to solve is getting a Flash file to display(which works off an XML file) in wordpress WITHOUT using a Flash WP plugin. I'm a Flash developer without access to a clients wordpress login, so I need to be able to provide them a copy & paste solution and not require them to install another plugin.

    Here is the code below (some links changed for security reasons)

    <object classid="clsid:D27CDB6E-AE6D-11cf-96B8-444553540000" codebase="http://download.macromedia.com/pub/shockwave/cabs/flash/swflash.cab#version=10,0,2" width="501" height="465">
    	              <param name="movie" value="http://dev.mysite.com/TEN.swf?vmcKey=95f89b6648e611dfa1fd0019b558899" />
    	              <param name="quality" value="high" />
    	              <param name="wmode" value="transparent" />
    	              <param name="allowfullscreen" value="true" />
    	              <param name="flashVars" value="theXML=http://www.mysite.com/XML/theXML.xml" />
    	              <param name="vmcKey" value="95f89b6648e611dfa1fd0019b9f1584b" />
    	              <embed src="http://dev.mysite.com/TEN.swf?vmcKey=95f89b6648e611dfa1fd0019b558899"
    						type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="501" height="465">

    How should this be re-written in order to work on wordpress (without the need of the Kimili Flash plugin)?

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