• This plugin provides the most essential functionality to our website.

    It allows user-submitted content to be sent for moderation/review before the content goes live.

    However, unlike every other user-submitted content plugin, BuddyForm keeps the original content live while a user is busy editing it or is working on a new saved version as a draft.

    I cannot emphasize the importance of this enough:

    Every other user-submitted content plugin unpublishes the original content during this process. That means the original content suddenly disappears and gets a 404 error. Again, this **doesn’t happen** with BuddyForms.

    Gravity forms, Ninja Forms, USP Pro Frontend Froms, WP User Frontend Pro — all of them unpublish the original post when edits are submitted to moderation. Who wants that?!?

    How does BuddyForms achieve this magic?

    BuddyForms creates a copy of the content. As soon as the content is either approved or is submitted to go live, BuddyForms **merges* the new version with the original, then deletes the new temporary version.

    If your site relies on user-submitted content, you need BuddyForm and BuddyForms Moderation. In fact, every site that has user-submitted content needs this plugin.

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